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10 Must-Have Mushroom Products for Your Daily Routine

From serums to supplements, check out these new mushroom-infused products.


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While they have long been known for their healing properties, mushrooms have risen in popularity in recent years as powerful contributors to nutrition, health, skin, and wellbeing. Mushrooms exhibit health benefits and a rich nutritional profile. There are a range of mushrooms, each of which offer different benefits for the body, many of which are featured in this exciting assortment of products.


Fungiments Super Prune

Have a hard time digesting? Launched by Fungiments, a new functional mushroom-based supplement brand, Super Prune ($29.99) gummies aid in gut health and relieve constipation. Their product is a blend of prune juice, prebiotics, fiber, herbs – and mushrooms. The gentle, drug-free formula relieves the stomach without a harsh laxative effect.

House of Gro Touch 1

House of Gro TOUCH Hydrating Body Serum

House of Gro’s TOUCH Hydrating Body Serum ($165) uses the unique duo of chaga and tremella mushrooms to deeply nourish, smooth and hydrate the skin. With a roller application, the formula massages the skin leaving a sheer glow.

Feral Fungi 1

Feral Fungi Lion’s Mane

From Feral Fungi, this mushroom-infused dietary supplement helps to support healing the nervous system and having a healthy stress response. Lion’s Mane ($21.60) supplements rebalance the body and support the brain and nerval pathways. They also aids in gut health and healthy digestion. Mushrooms used in the supplements are ethically wild-harvested or cultivated.

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Lifecykel Biohacker Set

The Biohacker Set ($148.95) from Lifecykel includes five unique mushroom extracts designed to elevate daily life. They aid in sleep, boosting energy levels, and skin, hair, and gut. The extracts can be added to coffee, smoothie, tea or water. Unlock peak performance and embrace holistic well-being with this amazing collection of mushroom extracts.

Restorative Eye Treatment 1

Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment with TriHex Technology

Alastin has infused silver mushrooms in the Restorative Eye Treatment ($114). The serum reduces the appearance of dark circles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes puffiness, and promotes a more even skintone. Key ingredients include green tea extract, niacinamide, tetrapeptide and, silver mushrooms.

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Shroom Skincare Mycelium Glow Brightening Serum

This new serum from Shroom Skincare is infused with mushroom extracts and vitamin C. The Mycelium Glow Brightening Serum ($78) is lightweight and provides skin with a healthy glow, even skin tone, and a vibrant completion. The serum addresses fine lines, dryness, redness, and inflammation.

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CLE Cosmetics Balancing Act Moisturizer

Infused with cica and caterpillar mushrooms, CLE Cosmetics’ moisturizer is built with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. The Balancing Act Moisturizer ($38) instantly refreshes the skin and leaves it hydrated and nourished. Hydrating yet lightweight, the product is great for all skin types. It is also fragrance-free for sensitive skin.

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Alice Decadent Mushroom Chocolates

An assortment of Alice chocolates aid in sleep, provide energy, get the body back into balance, or boost bedroom performance. These Decadent Mushroom Chocolates contain dark chocolate and different types of mushrooms, organic cordyceps to lion’s mane,  address different needs. Daily ingestion is recommended.


Yon-Ka Paris Serum C20

Yon-Ka Paris’ mushroom-infused serum protects the skin from UV and pollution. The Serum C20 soothes inflammation, regulates sebum, stops redness, and rebalances the skin. It also contains 30 percent organic oils, hemp, and inca inchi to hydrate and nourih. chamomile, lavender, and neroli essential oils induce relaxation and promote restful sleep.

Eminence Organics Snow Mushroom Reishi Masque 1

Eminence Organic Skin Care Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque

Contour and tighten the appearance of skin with this mushroom-infused product from Eminence. The Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque ($70) de-puffs and reveals smooth, radiant skin. With snow mushroom, reishi mushroom, and birch water, the mask tones, tightens, and hydrates. The clay removes impurities while paracress extract reveals a firm and healthy complexion.

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