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10 Natural Deodorants That Tackle Odor With Nourishing, Clean Ingredients


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No longer a fringe indie beauty trend, the market for natural deodorants is booming. In fact, recent research says it will be a $158 million market by 2025, proving that consumers who are sweating the potential side effects of aluminum, petroleum, and other ingredients found in many more traditional deodorants have an exciting array of options to consider. 

Tempting natural ingredients, enticing scents, and, perhaps most importantly, effective odor-busting results make them an ideal solution for consumers looking for an alternative to aluminum. 

Whether you are ready to make the move to natural deodorant or you are looking to outfit your retail area with offerings that will appeal to your clean-minded customers, here are 10 exciting natural deodorants to consider.

ATTITUDE Baking Soda Free Natural Deodorants ($12.95)

Containing ingredients approved by the EWG and free of aluminum or baking soda, these natural deodorants feature a hypoallergenic formula that naturally neutralizes unwanted odors with ingredients like magnesium hydroxide. Ideal for sensitive skin, they also feature gentle, hydrating ingredients like oats, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Corpus The Minis ($64)

This naturally derived vegan deodorant is made without synthetic fragrances. The water-based, long-lasting formula contains naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts. This collection of 1.2-ounce minis features all seven of the brand’s popular scents, including No Green, Neroli, The Botanist, Third Rose, California, Santalum, and Cedar Flora.

Green Goo Deodorant Gel ($7.99)

This natural, aluminum-free deodorant harnesses the power of aloe vera to provide a smooth glide, unlike some natural deodorants that leave a dry and chalky finish. In addition to controlling odor, the deodorant also nourishes, soothes, moisturizes, and calms the skin with ingredients like sunflower seed oil. It comes in three scents—Apricot Lemongrass, Lavender, and Wild Rose. It is vegan and free of petroleum, baking soda, gluten, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil.

Haoma Earth Deodorant ($22)

Featuring a pH-balanced blend of fossilized algae to draw out impurities, absorb moisture, and neutralize odor, this formula is free of petroleum and aluminum. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, it also includes a blend of botanical actives that fight odor-causing bacteria and offer a subtle scent

Hello Clean + Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant With Charcoal ($6.99)

Clinically proven for 48-hour sweat and odor protection, this antiperspirant is made with activated charcoal; is free of baking soda, dyes, and parabens; and features 100 percent recycled packaging. It is also dermatologist tested, vegan, cruelty free, and Leaping Bunny certified.

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Natural Deodorant ($24)

Formulated with time-tested charcoal to draw out toxins and a potent probiotic, this two-in-one natural deodorant plus detox delivers odor protection without irritating baking soda for sensitive underarms. It features an easy-glide formulation that dries to a clear powder finish and does not stain clothing and is available in six essential oil fragrances created by a renowned perfumer. Vegan and cruelty free, it is formulated for sensitive skin and is free of aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, or any synthetic fragrances.

Primal Elements All Natural Deodorant ($15)

This deodorant, available in nine fragrance blends, is a creamy, soft stick that is free of baking soda, alcohol, sulfate, parabens, and aluminum.  The blend relies on arrowroot powder and nourishing seed butters blended with essential oils to effectively and naturally handle odor from sweating. 

Shankara Aura Essential Oil Deodorant Geranium & Ylang-Ylang ($16)

This pure essential oil deodorant is free from chemicals, aluminum, and alcohol. It can be applied safely to the skin and features natural odor-eliminating properties. It is also available in a Lavender & Vetiver fragrance.

Taos Aer Citrus Vetivert Extra Strength Deodorant ($21)

Created for the active lifestyle, this concentrated clean deodorant features an amplified blend of plant actives and a mineral powder formula. Long-lasting, heat-released essential oils work in harmony with exertion for enhanced protection against odor-causing bacteria. Uniquely designed without water, this silky gel glides on smoothly and dries down immediately to a soft powder with no sticky residue. Other available scents include Ginger Grapefruit, Lavender Myrrh, and Palo Santo Blood Orange.

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant ($18

Hoppin’ Fresh is a clean, and naturally cooling aluminum-free stick deodorant featuring a crisp, cool blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It is non-staining and features a smooth glide. It is also free of petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, synthetic fragrance and color, glycols, silicones and PEGs.

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