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4 Journal Prompts that Celebrate Summer

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With so many ways to celebrate summer, it is very possible journaling is not the first method that comes to mind. While many are busy soaking up the sun, it’s also a good time to slow down and savor the sweet summer air and the expansive energy it brings.

Let’s talk about that summer energy that surrounds us. It feels uplifting, like a spark in us has been lit. It’s warm and calming. It’s fierce and exciting—like there is something special to celebrate. That’s because there is. Although energy cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is something we each experience and feel within.

So, what about this energy? To put it simply, summer is the time the sun is closest to Earth, and if you are into astrology, you know this is a shift we feel as a collective energy experience.

In ancient times, summer was viewed as a period to celebrate growth, prosperity, and abundance from the seeds that were planted (physically and metaphorically) in late winter/early spring and that have now bloomed and provide nourishment. This nourishing and abundant energy brings a sense of ease, warmth, and love into our experiences and existence.

The best thing we can do to enhance and connect to this experience is to set aside intentional practices that honor this special time. One effective way to tune in is by journaling. The fact is that intentionally writing things out has immense impact and energetic power that ripples into the experienced environment around us.

Below are four intentional questions and prompts to activate and connect specific energy centers in the body to the energy found this time of year. Let’s harness that energy!

Recognizing Your Expanded Self:

How have you expanded and grown this year? In what areas of your life have you seen your new expansion have a positive impact?

This journal question activates and connects the following:

  • Your mindfulness around the ways you’ve grown. This assists in putting you in the present moment, activating alignment throughout your energy centers, which enhance your ability to create your reality.
  • By focusing your intentions on how you have expanded, it brings more expansiveness thanks to the law of energy —like energy attracts like energy.
  • By continuing to focus on your newfound expansiveness and being present with it every day, you enhance the energy flowing into your life.
Clearing The Debris To Grow:

What are five new truths you have discovered about yourself or different experiences/situations in your life? Write out these new five truths into affirmations below.

This journal question activates and connects the following:

  • It activates the positive affirmations in a more powerful way by writing them down. You are more likely to remember them, and they are now in the physical realm by being on paper.
  • This activates your solar plexus, or third energy center in the body, by creating boundaries through the affirmations you write down, leading to a new sense of empowerment.
  • The energy of empowerment ripples into all energy centers and thus your life opens up to new opportunities, experiences, and relationships that align with your newfound truths/affirmations.
Whispers of Inviting in the New:

As we draw closer to the end of summer, do you have any new goals or ideas formulating in your mind to give birth to in the next cycle of the year?

This journal question activates and connects the following:

  • It connects you to future consciousness, which opens doorways towards your highest potential by aligning with the present moment.
  • Activates and guides the energy towards making your new goals and ideas a reality—remember time is not linear. If you start to connect to your goals and ideas now, you are only strengthening their existence and guiding yourself toward them at a faster rate.
  • Begins to energetically plant the seeds of your goals and ideas, which starts to create the space in your life to receive them and have them eventually exist.
Celebrating To Enhance Abundance:

What are 10 experiences you are grateful to have had this summer? What are 10 qualities about yourself and others around you that you love and appreciate?

This journal question activates and connects the following:

  • It activates your inner light through the heart chakra, or fourth energy center of the body. The energy of gratitude amplifies what we are experiencing gratitude towards. For example, if you are grateful to your loving relationships, they will only increase and deepen in your life.
  • Activates solar plexus, or third energy center and third chakra or fifth energy center in the body, allowing empowerment and expression of your authentic self to be experienced. This gives us a sense of freedom.
  • The energy of freedom aligns us to moments where we feel in flow with life, in tune with ourselves, and a sense of adventure and joy. These energies are key to creating and attracting energy that is exactly what we want and need—goals are more likely to be realized and ideas are generated more easily and frequently.

So, grab a writing utensil and a journal and find a cozy spot and begin to connect to all the energy summer has to offer!

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Natalie Kehren

Natalie is a holistic life coach and spiritual energy specialist whose mission is to help women unlock their true potential by finding their voices, facing their past and present traumas, and clearing their inner debris to make the world a better place. After going through a healing journey of her own as a survivor of addictions and abusive relationships, Natalie merged her psychic abilities; her experience as a certified natural health practitioner, a Sacred Women’s Circle creatrix, and a spiritual director; and a passion for helping others into holistic life coaching.

Natalie’s global reach has helped many women become the best versions of themselves. She created a safe and supportive space for women, featuring a library of free guided meditations, a healing shop, eight- and 12-step one-on-one healing programs, psychic and energetic readings, and more.