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5 Essential Things You Should Do Before Going on Vacation

Make your vacation return stress free.


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The few days or even weeks before going on holiday can be hectic—shopping, packing, double, triple, and even quadruple checking that you haven’t forgotten anything. This means you can often leave your home in a mess, which turns out to be the last thing you need when you get home and are hit by the post-holiday blues.  

Fortunately, travel experts at SkyParkSecure have compiled tips on how to best prepare your home for when you return:

Tidy home, tidy mind

It can be easy to create a mess when you pack to go away, especially if you’re packing for a family. Spending some time away from packing to make sure you leave your home clean and tidy will make a world of difference when you return home. 

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a super deep clean, but doing the basics like washing up, cleaning the surfaces, hoovering, and making sure everything is put away probably won’t take as long as you think it will, and it will give you one (or several) less things to worry about when you get back. 

Do your laundry

This might seem to go hand in hand with ensuring your home is clean, but it can be easy to scoop up everything that needs washing and throw it in the laundry basket. But what happens when you get back and also have multiple suitcases full of clothes that need washing too? 

Making sure all, or at least a decent chunk of your laundry is done and dry before leaving will cut down one of the most tedious tasks that await when you return from holiday. 

There’s also nothing better than returning home to clean sheets, so it’s worth cleaning some bedding and changing your sheets right before you leave, so they’re ready to crawl straight back into as soon as you are home, especially if you’ve flown late at night.

Empty your fridges and trash cans

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a strange smell in your home. It’s important to make sure you empty your bins right before you leave and empty your fridge of any food that might go off while you’re away. Otherwise, bacteria may breed. It’s also important to check your trash pickup schedule and leave bins that need to be collected out, or ask your neighbors to put them out while you are away, nobody wants overflowing cans.

Check your deliveries

If you have any repeat subscriptions, such as meal delivery boxes, make sure to put them on pause so you don’t have food going bad on your doorstep—this can also be a huge indicator that nobody is home. For items that aren’t perishable, have them delivered to a neighbor instead. Packing and preparing for your holidays can involve a lot of shopping, so make sure that any refunds and returns are done before you go away, in case the return window runs out while you’re away.

Check off your to-do list 

Making your life easier for when you get home isn’t just about making sure your home is tidy, but also making sure any errands are done before you go away. This includes sending letters and paying any bills that need to be paid before you go away. 

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