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5 Tips to Stay Motivated While Working Out From Home

Photo: Meghan Trainor

Working out from home does not have to be a dreadful activity. It can actually be more enjoyable than having to get in your car and drive to the gym. Set yourself up for success with minimal prep work, and you will learn to truly enjoy working out from home. Here are five tips that will not only help get you on track but also keep you on track while saving a little money, too.

  • Act as if you are going to a class. Lace up your sneaks and treat your workouts as if you are with a personal trainer, a group fitness class, or simply meeting up with a friend. The thought of working out beside your best pal or someone to hold you accountable like a trainer is a great way to maintain your enthusiasm and determination to put in the work.
  • If you live with others like family or friends, make sure they know this is your time. If they could hold off on distractions, it would be super beneficial during the time you’ve set aside to take care of yourself. They can even jot down notes during your workout for you to address when you are done. Make sure to let them know to hold off from interrupting your workout. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you’re less likely to get distracted by notifications or even put your phone in another room all together. Remove temptations!
  • Find an online program that you enjoy showing up for that puts you in a good mood and one that is results driven. Look for results or “before and afters” from others who have done the program, and reach out for feedback. People are willing to share, especially if they have seen progress. Working out can be much like therapy. Physical changes will happen, but how they can affect your attitude is even more important. You’re one workout away from a better mood.
  • Get your family and friends involved virtually. Do the same program or online workout while you’re all on a Zoom call together. This is a great way to keep each other accountable and have fun at the same time. Each of you can make a progress chart and cross off the days you get it done. Send a sweaty selfie to each other, or post one to your social media. You know what they say…proof is in the picture or it didn’t really happen!
  • Create a welcoming, happy workout space. Even if you have limited room, set up motivating quotes, pictures, or lighting that make you feel good. Move furniture out of the way to create space that allows you to move freely and not feel restricted. Load up on any equipment you might need so you can easily eyeball what you’ll grab for upcoming movements. Sync your workout or music to a Bluetooth speaker for better sound. Great music and sound quality can really pump you up and keep you engaged. This should feel like a happy, encouraging space so you can be your best self. You will feel well equipped and prepared, which is an accomplishment before you even start.

These are just a few things you can do right away to make your home workout a success. Moving your body from the comfort of your home is a gift and a reward you can give yourself every day. Happy sweating!

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Meghan is a former professional golfer, a two-time NPC Bikini competitor, a certified personal trainer, and a fitness coach. She is an Elon University alumni and collegiate golfer. Meghan’s passion for fitness goes far beyond exercise. She is driven to serve and help others discover their strengths and true potential through her fitness program “Body By Trainor.” BBT’s successful programs and diverse workouts are offered daily on her Instagram or through her website. Meghan’s large, influential, and engaged community sees real results that benefit them both mentally and physically. For more info, visit or follow @BodyByTrainor on Instagram.