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9 Healthy Beverages for Mindfulness, Hydration, and Healing

Discover delicious drinks perfect for staying hydrated and energized.


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Looking to add a sip of wellbeing to your life? Whether you’re powering through a busy morning or need an afternoon pick-me-up, these drinks are here to fuel your day with flavor and nutrition. These healthy options provide fuel, hydration, protein, and more.

magic mind 1

Magic Mind

We could all use a boost in productivity from time to time. Introducing the Magic Mind ($89.25), a science-backed nootropic drink designed to give you exactly that. Whether you are dealing with deadlines, meetings, or staying on top of work, this drink offers sustained energy, heightened cognition, and natural stress protection. The formula combines organic matcha, bacopa monnieri, lion’s mushrooms, vitamin C, and more to provide that extra edge.



DRINKWATR gives traditional water a healthy boost. Packed with essential electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and pink himalayan minerals, it provides everything the body needs for peak performance. DRINKWATR provides a safe and industry-leading solution to staying hydrated during intense workouts or everyday activities.

SP 2oz PickleJuice PEPPER

Suckerpunch Pickle Juice Shooter

Are you heading to the pickleball court, the gym, or a baseball game? Suckerpunch introduces the new secret weapon for staying properly hydrated. Pickle Juice shooters ($23.99) are a clean, low-calorie, and efficient drink to replace sodium and electrolytes on the go. Why chug a sugary sports drink when you can replenish yourself with a healthy and refreshing pickle juice?

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Revolution Nutrition Splash Protein Drink

Introducing a simple, convenient, and delicious way to hit your protein goals. Revolution Nutrition’s Splash Protein Drink ($17.99) supercharges your day with key ingredients including isolate protein and marine collagen. It is a powerhouse of nutrition, but it also offers a delightful burst of flavor. The drink is also sugar and lactose free.

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Water, meet your new best friend. Buddy ($18.99), a delicious botanical water enhancer. Unlike other water flavor concentrates and powders, this dropper-based product delivers a clean, flavorful boost to your water thanks to  naturally activated superfruits and botanicals. It contains no mystery ingredients, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.

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Over 93 percent of Americans confirm they consume caffeine every day, which can cause sleep issues, increased heart rate, and anxiety. Introducing Ojas ($29.99), an herbal energy and vitality drink. Choose between Cardamon Cinnamon or Turmeric Ginger latte drinks to relieve fatigue, support good quality sleep, stop energy stumps, recharge, and keep the immune system healthy. Ingredients include herb roots, mushrooms, pumpkin, seeds, and a spice blend.

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Oath Nutrition Clear Whey Protein

Introducing Oath Nutrition’s Clear Whey Protein ($44.99), great for a workout, crushing the books, or sipping on a beach. This whey protein isolate has undergone an ultra-filtration process to lower its pH values and viscosity. This process increases the overall clarity of the protein while creating a light, neutral-tasting base that delivers superior bioavailability and absorption rates to help maximize protein synthesis and muscle recovery. It is available in four refreshing flavors including Frosty Lemonade, Coco Razz, Island Mango, and Watermelon Fresca.

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ZBiotics Pre-Alcohol Probiotic

Want to sip a few beers during the game but need to be ready for work the next morning? ZBiotics Pre-Alcohol Probiotic ($36) is a genetically engineered probiotic specifically crafted to break down unwanted alcohol byproducts. It is an easy, portable shot for any alcohol consumer. It’s the perfect drink to begin the night and avoid the rough mornings that tend to follow.

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Ketone-IQ Caffeine Peach

Ketone-IQ’s Caffeine Peach ($108 monthly subscription) drink provides the steady energy of ketones combined with the quick clarity of caffeine. Offering a sugar-free boost without the crash, the 24-shot package helps with athletic performance and appetite control as well.

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