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9 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Promote brain health and fight cognitive decline with these helpful tips.


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Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects more than 6 millions of individuals across our country, with a new case being diagnosed every 65 seconds. In fact, it is now the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., primarily affecting individuals aged 65 and older. These diseases account for one in three senior deaths, surpassing the combined mortality rates of breast and prostate cancers. By emphasizing these facts and engaging in discussions about Alzheimer’s and brain health, we can bring about significant change for individuals and communities affected by this disease

Faisel Syed, M.D., ChenMed’s national director of primary care, wants to empower individuals to take action and promote brain health, Here, he shares nine practical tips that can help keep our brains healthy:

  1. Challenge Your Mind: Engage in mentally stimulating activities that challenge and activate your cognitive abilities. Building furniture, solving puzzles, reading poems, and playing strategic games like bridge can all have short- and long-term benefits for your brain.
  2. Foster Social Connections: Social engagement plays a vital role in supporting brain health. Engage in meaningful social activities within your community, such as volunteering, joining clubs, or simply spending quality time with loved ones.
  3. Prioritize Quality Sleep: Make sufficient sleep a priority, as inadequate rest can contribute to memory and cognitive problems. Address conditions such as insomnia or sleep apnea to promote optimal brain health.
  4. Get Moving: Incorporate regular cardiovascular exercise into your routine to elevate your heart rate and enhance blood flow to the brain and body, effectively reducing the risk of cognitive decline.
  5. Embrace Lifelong Learning: Engaging in formal education at any stage of life can significantly lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Consider enrolling in classes at local colleges, community centers, or online platforms.
  6. Quit Smoking: Quitting smoking is crucial to decreasing the risk of cognitive decline. Research has demonstrated that by giving up smoking, you can bring your risk levels down to that of non-smokers.
  7. Prioritize Heart Health: Manage risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes to take care of your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart often translates into a healthy brain.
  8. Protect Your Head: Take precautions to safeguard yourself against brain injuries, which can heighten the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Remember to wear seat belts, helmets during contact sports or biking, and take preventive measures to avoid falls.
  9. Nourish Your Brain: Maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet that is low in fat but abundant in vegetables and fruits. 

According to Sayed, by incorporating these practical tips into our lives, we can promote brain health and make a positive impact on our overall wellbeing.

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