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Amanyara, Turks & Caicos Announces New Wellness Programming for 2022


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Amanyara, a Caribbean oasis in Turks & Caicos, announced a roster of practitioners for its 2022 Wellness Immersions, wellness experiences that were introduced in 2021. Practitioners will include experts in Eastern philosophies and Chinese medicine to teachers of health coaching and personal training as well as meditation and spiritual teaching. New wellness manager Toby Maguire will oversee all wellness programming. Guest practitioners include:

Geshe YongDong (January 3-February 4)

As one of the many highlights of the year’s programs, Amanyara will once again host the transformative Journey to Peace retreat. During this retreat, renowned Buddhist spiritual master and scholar Geshe YongDong (Geshe La) will personally guide guests on a journey to spiritual enrichment and lasting inner tranquility. Guests will be able to experience the purifying power of the mineral-rich waters and chakra-cleansing ocean air of Turks and Caicos.

Over five days, under the intuitive and loving guidance of Geshe La, who has himself achieved the highest spiritual monastic degree in Buddhist philosophy, retreat guests will learn specific and practical skills needed to find peace in everyday life. Techniques covered include breath control to calm the mind, Tsa Lung exercises to relax the body, mindfulness practice to tune into the present moment, and meditation to promote inner peace.

Don Saladino (April)

Fitness coach to celebrities and athletes, Saladino has developed a reputation for training some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is often tapped for TV appearances and live fitness demos.

Dr. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. (June) 

A double board-certified clinical psychologist and clinical sleep specialist, Breus is the author of three books with the newest book The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype, a groundbreaking bio-hacking book proving that there is a perfect time to do everything, based on your biological chronotype.

Erika Bloom (August)

Founder of Erika Bloom Pilates, Bloom is world renowned for her transformative method that begins with movement-based healing to restore holistic balance to the body and mind. She is particularly passionate about working with women throughout all stages of life and is a trained doula and pre and postnatal Pilates and yoga specialist.

Kelsey Patel (October) 

One of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts, Patel is the creator of The Pure Joy App, host of The Magik Vibes Podcast, and author of Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress. Specializing in EFT (emotional freedom technique) and various other healing and empowerment modalities to heal burnout, Kelsey is known for her simple, yet profound support in helping people deal with burnout, pain, anxiety, and stress.

Wellness Immersions

Amanyara’s Wellness Immersions follow three pathways based on individual needs: Mindfulness & Stress Management, Weight Management & Transformation, and Detox & Cleansing. Programs are fully customized to the traveler’s wellness goals and length of stay (minimum three nights) and include private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments, and nutritional support with personally curated menus.

Amanyara will also offer a one-day immersion program for guests whose itineraries cannot accommodate a multi-day immersion commitment but want to incorporate a wellness aspect into their stay. This condensed program includes a spa treatment, a specialist session, and a fitness session combined with a healthy lunch.

All activities will take place throughout Amanyara’s pristine and calm surroundings, including the Amanyara Spa that overlooks a large reflection pond, a wellness studio, and a fitness center that features the latest Technogym equipment. Guests can also take advantage of other fitness and wellness facilities including an aqua therapeutic pool, the Erika Bloom Pilates studio, and a Yoga Sala. The Club House includes tennis courts, a professional boxing studio, a soccer pitch, a multi-field basketball and volleyball court, and lacrosse.

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