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An Honest Home Chef Meal Delivery Review from a Wellness Editor (and Busy Mom)

Learn why this fresh meal delivery service hits all the right notes.


Vietnamese-Style Turkey Lettuce Cups

There are many reasons a meal delivery service is an ideal fit for me. I’m a busy working mom with two picky eaters at home. Since they were babies, I’ve tried to get them to eat more adventurously, but my children flock to chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza, and spaghetti on the regular. As such, my dinners often consist of nibbles on their leftovers—after a busy day at work, whipping out ingredients for an adult dinner and a kids’ dinner just seems too daunting. Add in a kitchen renovation where I’m out of my kitchen and living off a hot place and toaster oven for 8 weeks, and it seemed like an ideal time to try out a meal delivery service.

Enter Home Chef.

This service is made specifically for people who want to make a delicious, home-cooked meal every night but know that sometimes, life just gets in the way. That sounded exactly like me, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try it.

There are more than 35 meals from which to choose each week, with meal kits available for individuals and families. Options range from Meal Kits and Express Meal Kits that have pre-portioned ingredients and are ready in less than 30 minutes to Oven Ready Kits that are pre-portioned in an oven-ready tin to Fast & Fresh offerings that go right into the microwave. Additionally, the Culinary Collection offers fancier, more intricate selections for when you want to up the ante in the kitchen.

The system is easy – you place your order either online or via the mobile app, choose a delivery date, and your meals are shipped in a temperature-controlled box. It also comes with handy recipe cards that make prep easy. My order came quickly, and the ingredients stayed fresh in my fridge over the four days it took me to make the meals.

I tested out the Mahi Mahi with Beurre Blanc, the Vietnamese Turkey Lettuce Cups, the Buttermilk-Ranch Chicken with Bacon, and Smothered Beef Meatballs. I liked that everything was pre-portioned and ready to go. All four recipes were easy to make, healthy, and I was able to whip them together all in my makeshift dining room/kitchen using my hot plate and toaster over in less than 30 minutes. My hands-down favorite was the Vietnamese Turkey Lettuce Cups. They were probably the most complicated recipe of the four, but I was able to follow the steps easily, and they turned out delicious.

The service is also great for families and those with dietary restrictions. In 2023, Home Chef launched many new types of meal options, building a menu of more than 35 rotating recipes a week, including the introduction of a new Family Menu plan, designed specifically for larger households who are strapped for time and might have pickier eaters around the table. Also available are keto-friendly offerings, expanded vegetarian recipes, and gluten-smart recipes. Home Chef also offers Protein Packs, which are a la carte Boneless Chicken Breasts, New York Steak Strip, Ground Beef, Shrimp, Skin-on Salmon Filets, and more; Lunch, microwaveable, heat-and-eat meals; and Extras that include breakfast items, appetizers, sides, desserts, and more.

I’m a decent cook, but I get frazzled by complex recipes, so I’m not wildly creative when it comes to flexing my culinary muscles. Home Chef was easy enough to not be overwhelming but delicious enough to make me feel like a true whiz in the kitchen. I would definitely give this helpful home delivery service two thumbs up.

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