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Astrologist Reveals Which Star Signs Always Get Their Way

These star signs are by far the most persuasive.


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Do you find that you often end up overruled when deciding where to go with a group of friends, or overlooked when your colleagues are praised at work? It could be due to your star sign, a leading astrologist has revealed.  

Nicolas Aujula, an astrologist and past life therapist, provided the insight as part of Bonusetu’s study into the most influential and acclaimed star signs. According to Aujula, some signs are more predisposed to success than others, purely based on their influence, persuasiveness, and pull in group settings. 

And if you’re a Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus who likes to get their own way, you’re in luck, as these three star signs are by far the most persuasive. According to Aujula:

  • Leos are born leaders that naturally take charge and exude confidence that makes people believe what they say. They’re commanding, charismatic, attention-seeking, and often speak like a polished politician, meaning people are easily influenced by them.
  • Taurus are practical and stubborn, meaning it’s generally their way or the highway. As they are particularly astute when making financial decisions, they’re seen as aspirational to many, and so the people around them tend to follow their lead. That’s good news for the Taurus, as they’re likely to be met with very little resistance when asserting where they’d like to go. 
  • It’s a fine line between charming your friends and family into following your lead and adopting manipulative tendencies in order to get your own way – like Scorpio. Scorpios have a natural magnetism that draws people to them. Highly emotionally astute and able to read people, they’re capable of appealing to their peers’ vulnerabilities, and often play power games to get people to agree to their terms.

On the other end of the scale, the zodiac signs that are comparative pushovers are apparently Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini, while Libra and Capricorn are easily influenced by others if they feel they can score points among their peers by following the crowd. 

Here are the star signs ranked from most to least persuasive: 

  1. Leo
  2. Scorpio
  3. Taurus
  4. Aquarius
  5. Cancer
  6. Capricorn
  7. Libra
  8. Aries
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Gemini
  11. Virgo
  12. Pisces 

Some signs are particularly adept at influencing others in specific situations. For example, Aujula says Cancers make the best restaurant choices, Libras are best at picking out fashion or beauty products, and Aquarius know where the most fun underground clubs are. Meanwhile, those looking to get away this summer might want to consult their Sagittarius friends for tips, as they’re the best at selecting a holiday destination. 

But all is not lost for the signs that don’t have a natural proclivity towards influence, as Aujula reveals, you can learn to get your own way by “developing self-confidence that ensures people listen to what you say with interest, using clear and concise communication, and knowing your topic clearly so that your audience trusts you.” 

He believes it’s in your best interest to learn to be persuasive, saying: “the main benefits of being able to get people behind you is that you’re able to make swift decisions, inspire others, inspire change, and focus more on outer success.” 

So, is it likely that any of the star signs have put their skills of persuasion into practice in order to climb the social ladder, and achieve success? It seems that Taurus might yet need to work on leveraging their natural charisma to achieve tangible success, while Virgo and Gemini are far out-performing Aujula’s expectations. 

This is based on an analysis of the last decade’s TIME100: Most Influential People of the year lists, which revealed that one in 10 acclaimed figures were Gemini, while surprisingly, just 5 percent were Taurus, making it the least-featured sign. 

“Although there’s much more that goes into being influential than when you were born, it is interesting to see that some star signs are significantly more likely to get their way than others,” says Aujula. “It’s particularly interesting that Gemini and Taurus sit on opposite ends of the scale in our analysis, despite their predispositions. And while this is just a bit of fun, it might prove inspiring to those who need a bit of a push to make moves in their social circles.” 

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