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Become a Money Magnet by Adopting These 5 Habits

Learn how to attract money by incorporating these simple steps.

I’m a money magnet. And you can be, too. This means, money flows through me easily and consistently. Here is the thing, money doesn’t always flow through me and into my bank account. Sometimes, money flows through me and into my client’s bank account. Sometimes, money flows through me and into the bank account of the organization I work for. Sometimes, money flows through me and into my friend’s pockets.

And yes, sometimes, the money does flow through me and into my personal life. It might be my bank account, my piggy bank, my IRA, my savings account, my apartment, my car, my closet, or the destination to which I’m traveling. The point is, money is flowing all around me at all times. Because I am a creator, I’m constantly creating opportunities for money to flow in and out of the doors, windows, and pathways that I make available for the flow of energy that is money.

I know, I know, this might seem super woo-woo, but the sooner you can open yourself up to feeling the high vibe that is money, you, too, will see how you are a consistent and abundant money magnet. I must admit, because of my past conditioning around the way I was brought up to think and believe in money, it is hard to maintain a positive and high vibe state when it comes to money, especially on the days it doesn’t feel easy, fun, or flowy.

Like anything else, staying connected to the things we cannot see—hope, spirit, faith—and maintaining a positive relationship with money takes practice. Here are five habits I like to integrate into my life on a regular basis to keep the vibes high and consistently welcome more and more money into and through my life. In my experience, once I started taking action on these habits, the money truly did start to land in my bank account more often than not. I would encourage you to give it a try.

1. Show Gratitude to the Money You Do Have

If you don’t show the Universe you are grateful for the small, it will never gift you the big. How do you practice gratitude in your life? Do you even have a gratitude practice? If not, try this on for size:

Each morning, open up your bank account and look at the number there. It might be big. It might be small. Whatever it is, say this out loud, or write it in a journal:

“Thank you (amount in the bank account) for being with me today. I so appreciate that you are in my life today. I’m not sure what this day will bring, but I’m sure glad you are here to see it through with me. Let’s make magic together.”

Do the same for any cash and/or change you might have. I have a piggy bank and cookie jar with extra change and dollar bills in my living room. Whenever I catch a glance at them, I spend an extra moment giving thanks to them for being there and hanging out.

The Universe wants to hear you are grateful for what you do have. If you can’t appreciate even the smallest amounts, it will just think you aren’t ready for more. Show the Universe you are with as much gratitude as you can muster.

2. Write Love Letters to Money

When I first realized I was in a toxic relationship with money, and I was the problem, I turned to the tool I always used when asking for forgiveness from a friend or relative—I wrote money a letter.

In this letter, I admitted all the things I had been doing wrong towards money, such as never being grateful to have it, never using it to do fun things (mindless spending only), always being mad at it because it wasn’t around, and always being upset that it was never enough. I promised money I would do better, treat it better, love it more. Now, I write love letters to money letting it know how much I appreciate it, promising I will spend it wisely (on fun things or investments or saving for amazing things).

When I have a big purchase to make, like investing in a coaching program, I write a love letter to money before I hit the “purchase” button. In this letter, I tell money about the person I’m sending it to. How I know that money will do great things with this new person, and this isn’t goodbye but rather see you later. I know that money will be back with me some day, but for now it can go hang with someone else for a little while.

This letter writing helps me maintain an abundant and grateful state. Money loves being celebrated and thanked. Think about how it feels when you receive a love letter from someone who means a lot to you. This is how money feels, too. So, write your heart out and show that money just how much you adore it.

3. Do Money Magnet Dances

As you know, money is energy, just like you and me. How do you feel when you dance wild and free without a care in the world? I know I feel so good (I love to dance). This is how money feels, too.

I specifically pick a song that makes me want to dance, and I will set the intention before I hit “play.” This dance is specifically to celebrate money. All the money I have, all the money coming my way. Sometimes, I’ll do money magnet dances for my clients or friends.

You know that dancing brings the high vibes (even just watching others dance on reels or TikTok) so celebrate all the money you have, desire, and are calling in with a five-minute dance party to your favorite song. Don’t forget to make the special dedication “this one is for you money. Hit it!”

4. Manage What You Do Have

For so long, I was resistant to managing my money, because I felt I didn’t have enough to do it. But what I quickly realized is that, just like me, money likes to have a plan. It likes to know where it is going, when it is going there, what it is doing there, and how it can help.

If you only have $100 in your life. Manage it. What are you going to do with it? Is it for savings? Is it for a special dinner? How about a little of both? Become a master at managing the money you do have, and money will feel appreciated and useful and want to be in your life more and more. If you need a good book on how to manage your money, I recommend, I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

5. Make Money Affirmations

Have you heard about the power of affirmations? These are positive statements that you repeat again and again to overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. The process is to repeat the affirmations to yourself—recommended while looking at yourself in the mirror— until you start to believe them and they become your truth.

This is a powerful way to rewrite the stories you tell yourself about money into statements that will work for you instead of against you. Here are 10 powerful money magnet affirmations that I love to say loud and proud as often as possible:

  1. I am a money magnet.
  2. Money loves me and wants me to be happy.
  3. Money is a magical resource that helps me impact the world.
  4. Money is abundant and all around me.
  5. Money flows through me easily and consistently.
  6. Money is my best friend and loves me.
  7. Money and I do amazing magical things together every day.
  8. Money is coming to me right now and will be available to me when I need it.
  9. Money has my back always and knows how to support me.
  10. I am becoming richer and wealthier and more abundant.

For more on creating abundance in your life, check out How to Shift from a Scarcity to an Abundance Mindset.

About The Author
Mary Theresa Tringale

Mary-Theresa, based in Portland ME, is an accountability and money mindset coach. Running her own business, she works one-on-one with clients and oversees her signature programs, the Aligned & Empowered Project and the Money Magnet Accelerator. In addition, she also serves as the manager of events and sponsorships for WinterKids. In 2019, Mary-Theresa went through her own personal life transformation when her father was diagnosed with a brain infection, and her life was turned upside down. Finding herself at a low point in her life, she discovered Andy Frisella’s 75Hard (Live Hard) program and ultimately transformed her life for the better. By integrating consistent daily habits, she found herself aligned and empowered to live the life of her dreams, one day at a time. She utilizes the lessons she learned, and is still learning, in her own personal journey of finding abundance in health and wealth, to guide her coaching of others. For more info, follow her @mary.theresa.tringale on Instagram or contact her at