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Brooklyn’s Chateau Glow, a Facial Skin Studio, Introduces a New All-Inclusive, Customized Model to Address Skin Concerns

Founder Gina Damato also shares some of her 2023 skincare predictions.


Opened in early 2020 and then prematurely closed due to the pandemic, Chateau Glow (Brooklyn, NY), located in East Williamsburg, is back in business and giving clients the chance to experience a variety of ancient techniques and modern technologies without breaking the bank. From gua sha and facial lymphatic drainage massage to the HydraFacial and LED therapy, a host of options is on the menu at Chateau Glow, giving clients the opportunity to mix and match.  

“I wanted to create Chateau Glow to model a new industry standard, to put clinical-level, customized skincare and expertise first and price second to improve the client-technician relationship,” says founder and lead esthetician Gina Damato. “At most spas, facial enhancements are categorized as add-ons and increase the facial treatment price another $40 to $100, oftentimes without the client’s knowledge. What sets us apart from other skincare studios is our advanced facial treatments menu, which has over 60 different ways to be customized to clients’ needs, with enhancements all included.”

According to Damato, this allows the staff to devote their full attention to the client’s skin concerns and strive for optimal results over anything else. It also builds loyalty among the clientele and boosts return visits. “We also launched a membership program, which has been incredibly successful,” she says. The program includes one highly customized treatment each month, a guest voucher for 20 percent off each month, exclusive discounts on treatments, and 10 percent off all retail products.  

Recently, Damato has been seeing a rise in sensitized skin and a boost in barrier-strengthening treatments. “Dealing with stress and anxiety, over-using active skincare ingredients, or taking prescription medications, such as Accutane, can cause sensitized skin,” says Damato. “As a result, we’re relying more on facial treatments focused on hydration and barrier strengthening.” The Glow Up Facial ($190, 60 minutes), designed to address sensitized skin, is tailored to each individual and relies on pH-balancing ingredients, including aloe vera, sea buckthorn oil, and hyaluronic acid.

Another popular trend is skinimalism. “Clients don’t want, or have time for, a 15-step routine,” says Damato. Instead, they want products that offer multiple benefits. At Chateau Glow, Damato works with clients to edit their skincare regimens.

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