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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Debuts 6 New Touchless Treatments

Discover how touchless wellness offerings are providing lasting results

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort (FL), a luxury beachfront boutique hotel, recently introduced six new touchless wellness treatments at its award-winning 70,000-square-foot spa and wellness facility. The new treatments add to its lineup of existing touchless offerings and are the latest step in Carillon Miami Wellness Resort’s mission to go beyond traditional modalities by partnering with entrepreneurs promoting innovative technologies. 

“Achieving holistic wellbeing is a priority for many people, and our new touchless treatments offer therapeutic healing for the body, mind, and soul beyond what can be accomplished through traditional modalities alone,” says Tammy Pahel, vice president of spa & wellness operations. “While touchless technologies will never fully replace the hands-on therapies we know and love, they are an efficient and effective method of treatment for clients seeking maximum results in limited time.” 

Pahel first introduced touchless treatments at the resort in 2020 and is now a leading advocate for their effectiveness. Similar to many of the spa’s offerings, the touchless wellness treatments are available in a single session or as a series. Pahel has also seen success packaging touchless treatments into “circuit” experiences and pairing them with traditional spa experiences. Launched in January 2023 and set to roll out through March, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort’s new touchless wellness treatments include: 

·       MindSpa by Synctuition ($99, 25 minutes; $900, series of 12 treatments): The award-winning MindSpa booth is an oasis of tranquility, inviting wellness seekers to relax on a zero-gravity chair and enjoy a handcrafted, star-studded display of ceiling lights in an atmosphere of total silence thanks to premium noise-canceling headphones. With privacy glass ensuring complete solitude, the MindSpa booth is ideal for those seeking an immersive, mind-clearing effect that heightens focus and perception while reducing stress.


·       BioCharger NG ($79, 20 minutes; $900, series of 12 treatments): The BioCharger NG is a cutting-edge mental wellness health optimization platform that transmits energy to stimulate and invigorate the entire body with the potential to improve health, wellness, and athletic performance. It is beneficial for those seeking to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce joint stiffness, enhance focus, and optimize revitalization for the body to perform at peak levels. 

·       Wellsystem Wave Massage ($59, 15 minutes; $480, series of 12 treatments): Providing holistic relaxation for the body and soul, the Wellsystem uses dry-water massage to relieve tension. For those seeking a soothing break from everyday life, it provides long-lasting and beneficial effects such as increased energy, relaxation, and heightened health and fitness of the back, neck, shoulders, and legs. 

·       Indiba Deep Beauty ($139, 25 minutes; $220, 50 minutes; $2,160, series of 12 50-minute treatments):This unique, non-invasive technology increases cellular metabolism and rebalances cells without raising the temperature of treated tissue. It enhances elasticity, increases blood flow, regenerates skin, and more. It is also effective for those interested in body contouring, facial rejuvenation, fat/cellulite treatments, and skin health. 

·       Visbody ($99 per session; $800, series of 12 treatments): From the world’s first company to apply dynamic 3D reconstruction technology to a human-body assessment, the Visbody scanner generates a high-precision 3D body scan within 10 seconds, providing insights into the status of physical health, the effectiveness of nutritional and training programs, and understanding of muscle-to-fat ratio. It is ideal for individuals seeking to improve physical health by understanding their body composition. 

·       Visionbody Powersuit ($99, 20 minutes; $900, series of 12 treatments): Fully wireless, controlled via Bluetooth, and capable of being worn without pre-moistening the body, the Visionbody Powersuit allows for more freedom of movement as electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) strengthens, tones, and firms muscles more effectively than traditional workouts. It is ideal for individuals seeking to optimize training and enhance the benefits of exercise and rehabilitation. 

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