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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Debuts New Exclusive Retreat for Women

The retreat is designed to combat the mental health struggles women often face


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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort recently announced the launch of Integrative Emotional Wellness, a retreat for women in partnership with Paul Hokemeyer Ph.D., an internationally renowned relationship therapist, and Corey Spiegel, founder of the women’s networking organization, Light House, where she was a moderator on women’s empowerment and wellness. The wellness series begins July 8, and includes several workshops throughout the summer as well as a weekend retreat scheduled for September 30 through October 3. 

According to the WHO, nearly 40 percent of people face a host of post-pandemic emotional stresses, with recent data showing women suffer from issues related to emotional stress at much higher rates than men. The retreat aims to address these challenges with the opportunity for guests to fully immerse themselves in a beautiful and calming environment along the Atlantic Ocean in North Miami, FL. Sessions are curated for women of all ages and provide a healing space with empirically based and clinically effective treatments to support mental wellbeing.

“Over the course of the pandemic, I saw a surge in people struggling with a host of emotional wellness issues such as angst, sadness, insomnia, and a general sense of disease,” says Hokemeyer. “Now, as we are emerging from the pandemic, I’m seeing these same issues manifest in people who are exhausted from the weight of their lives and the world, which has become even more chaotic and fractured. Personally and professionally, I’m thrilled to help people transcend the challenges of the past three years in a world-class facility like Carillon.”

Hokemeyer and Spiegel will lead workshops introducing the science underlying toxic relationships and provide personalized strategies to help guests detox. Spiegel takes a deep dive into relatable and meaningful topics such as motivation and aging gracefully, offering participants a safe place to share their stories, be vulnerable, and heed a different perspective. The workshops allow each woman to walk away with wisdom, understanding, and intent.

Session topics include:

The Neuroanatomy of Emotional Discomfort and Hyper-Reactivity, which explores the biological underpinning of anxiety disorders as well as treatment interventions that effectively manage and reduce anxiety

The Art of Aging Gratefully, which helps us to put our best face forward and start accepting the natural beauty in each of us.

Wanna Be Friends? A Guide to Making and Keeping Grownup Friends, which examines the perplexities of adult friendships and provides new new ways to find “our people.”

Identity: The Importance of Touch, Smell, and Breath, a fascinating discussion on how humans, particularly those with anxiety, navigate the world through their senses, and how those senses can be used to effectively manage the intensity of day-to-day living.

Bringing You Back to You, a highly interactive and engaging session revealing how to connect with oneself, truly unwind, and embrace joy.

Mindset/Reflective Listening/Emotional Vocabulary, which examines the concept of personal schemas, and how we can create more balanced perspectives to improve feelings, deal with situations, and move forward effectively.

“Whether you’re in the midst of a major life, relationship, or career change, confronting a major life decision or simply wanting to reevaluate your place in the world, the programming that Hokemeyer and I created is meant to reset your emotional and physical circuitry,” says Spiegel. “The sessions will help provide participants with a foundation of calm, clarity, and purpose.” 

In addition to the sessions, participants are free to enjoy the hospitality and amenities of Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, which features a spa and recreational offerings, including a two-story indoor rock wall, swimming pools, and beach access.

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