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GSN Planet Launches the Greenspa Calculator

The new app helps promote sustainable spa practices


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GSN Planet, a global association with a mission to contribute to a vital and sustainable spa and wellness community, has debuted the GSN Planet Greenspa Calculator, a mobile app that acts as a sustainability measurement tool in mobile for spas.

According to the GSN Planet team, it is now more necessary than ever that businesses promote and perform sustainable practices in terms of environmental and human resources. The Greenspa Calculator helps spas achieve a net-positive impact required for more sustainable business operations. 

The app performs a variety of functions for spas, including:

  • Information about different criteria for sustainability, from consumables to water and energy
  • reduction measures, to spa fittings and waste management, procurement, and much more.
  • The ability to calculate a sustainability score and track changes as sustainable practices are embraced
  • Comparison of performance by category with other similar spas also seeking sustainable outcomes.

“The GSN Planet Greenspa Calculator should be every spa’s closest sustainability companion,” says Charnè Le Roux, founder of Greenspa Africa, board member of GSN Planet, and the developer of the Greenspa Calculator.

Adds GSN Planet Board President Thor Holm, “We are very excited about launching this app through the GSN Planet community.”

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