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TechnoAlpin’s New Indoor Snowfall Technology Looks to Bring Falling Snow to Spa Snow Rooms


While not everyone loves a winter wonderland, most can find the magic in an occasional snowfall. As spa-goers look to boost their immunity, contrast therapy, in which one alternates between hot and cold, is proving to be an effective wellness option. Now, spas worldwide can add the magical sensation of snow falling overhead in their snow rooms, snow cabins, ice rooms, or snow saunas thanks to a partnership between Swarovski Crystal Worlds museum, a popular tourist attraction in Austria, and TechnoAlpin, a global leader in both indoor and outdoor snowmaking. Together, they’ve created the first-ever indoor snowfall experience.

The Silent Light installation showcases a snow-covered tree and a wintry landscape conceived by Dutch designer Tord Boontje and the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. “This installation is our first simulation of natural snowfall, a feat that took our engineers over two years to achieve,” says Erich Gummerer, CEO of TechnoAlpin. “We have been creating indoor snow worlds for over a decade—most typically as a gentle cooling experience during wellness journeys and for retailers seeking an experiential shopping experience for consumers.” While snowfall is usually made by spraying cold compressed air and water in an empty room, TechnoAlpin’s new technology creates it in a gentler manner and enables guests to experience real snow falling. “Swarovski challenged us to create a never-before-seen experience—indoor snowfall,” says Gummerer. “This installation has proven that our team of engineers is ready for any challenge we give them. Currently, we’re expanding to North America, bringing the wonder of snow to geographic locations that might never experience a natural snowfall.”  A great differentiator for spas, it won’t be long before spa-goers can enjoy the magic of falling snow in a spa in a toasty desert climate like Palm Springs.

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