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The Humane Space Wellness App Cultivates Introspection Through Curiosity and Awe

Sharing the ingredients to live a more meaningful life, The Humane Space app reconnects adults to curiosity, contemplation, and lifelong learning
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The Humane Space app recently launched to help adults build a daily practice of cultivating introspection, curiosity, and awe. The app curates thoughtful daily prompts and interactive stories that stimulate the mind and activate the senses, encouraging users to discover new passions, expand their knowledge base, and chart their own unique path of lifelong learning.

Designed to cater to a wide variety of learning styles, The Humane Space app makes it easy and fun to feed curiosity and find awe in the every day. Each week, The Humane Space introduces a new big-picture question: Is language universal? Or is sight the most powerful sense? Every weekday, the app releases a new collection of interactive stories themed around the question of the week. Stories are presented in three engaging, quick-hit segments: Lingo, Immerse, and Deep Think. Lingo teaches users a new vocabulary word, unpacking its etymology and cultural significance. Immerse offers interdisciplinary learning on topics ranging from astronomy to linguistics to philosophy. Deep Think offers thought-provoking prompts and playful exercises that encourage self-reflection and contemplation.

Lauren Henkin, founder and CEO of The Humane Space, has 20 years of experience as a branding and marketing expert in the wellness industry as well as a successful career as an artist and photographer. While working in wellness, she identified pieces missing from our collective understanding of what it means to live well. Those pieces—lifelong learning, curiosity, awe, and wonder—are what The Humane Space app offers. Scientific research suggests that experiencing more curiosity and awe can have immense benefits for our cognitive, physical, mental, professional, and social health.   

“What I’ve learned both as an artist and as a wellness professional is that curiosity—asking questions, continuously seeking—plays just as important a role in my wellbeing as physical fitness or eating healthy foods or getting enough sleep,” says Henkin. “Lifelong learning, active and deep thinking, and uninterrupted time to wander or wonder are the portals to meaning in life. We often think of wonderment and awe as reserved only for childhood. But curiosity doesn’t end with childhood—it actually increases as we age. As adults, we often forget to take the time to really experience curiosity and awe. It’s time to expand the boundaries of wellbeing once more—to include lifelong learning. Curiosity can be that springboard.”

A bit like an interactive podcast, the app is full of astonishing content, from recordings of humpback whale songs to optical illusions. Dazzling visuals and sophisticated design make information easy to digest. In addition to interactive stories released daily, Morning Curiosity prompts offer tips for having an awe-inspired day. Interactive components include guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, guessing games, fun quizzes, and playful thought experiments. Through regular engagement with The Humane Space app, users will discover new interests, engage more deeply with the world around them, and learn to live more curiously.

The app is available on iOS and Android and free to users for a limited time.

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