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The Retreat Costa Rica Unveils New Workshops Focusing on Mental Wellbeing

New Sessions Focus on Self-care and Mental Health

With the spa industry increasingly concentrating on guests’ mental health and self-care needs, The Retreat Costa Rica, a luxury wellness boutique resort and spa, has unveiled a collection of one-on-one introspective workshops designed to further support mental wellbeing.

According to Diana Stobo, owner of The Retreat Costa Rica, recent data reveals that with stress levels soaring globally, consumers are increasingly committed to mental wellness. “Our new experiential offerings are designed to meet this growing need, giving our guests the opportunity to delve deeper into self-discovery and self-awareness by participating in personalized sessions focused on improving common day-to-day challenges,” she said. “By adopting a mindful holistic approach, our goal with these new workshops is to put our guests’ mental needs at the forefront of their experience here.”

With a focus on connecting the mind and body, these introspective one-on-one workshops are designed to help harness personal power. Sessions, led by Shaveta Jasra, a skilled medical practitioner adept at holistic and alternative healing practices, range from anger management to chakra healing, with highlights including:

  • Chakra Healing Course. The chakra healing course is designed to help understand how energy centers regulate the body. This course addresses health issues associated with each chakra—energy points in the body—as well as how to heal the body through these energy centers.
  • Anger Management. Anger is an emotion triggered due to various reasons and can have a negative impact on a person’s life when not processed. This session is designed for those who are short-tempered or prone to blow-ups, helping to release anger.
  • Take Your Power Back. This course examines the difference between a want and a need. A need is something necessary for living and a want is something that improves the quality of life. This session will help categorize different sections of life to help set priorities and make powerful decisions.
  • Life Mapping. Every person has some mission and purpose. Life mapping sessions give clarity about purpose and skills needed to become aware of an individual’s full potential and innate resources.
  • Mental Detox. Participants will learn how to maintain mental hygiene and prioritize peace. This session brings instant clarity about decluttering the excess mental-emotional baggage that makes the system heavy and dense.

A highly experienced physician consultant who has worked as an emergency medical officer in India, Jasra is well-equipped to lead these workshops. Utilizing a holistic methodology combining diet management, yoga, and chakra healing along with mental health counseling for optimal self-discovery and self-reflection, she has a versatile background in traditional and Ayurveda medicine. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda medicine and surgery, is internationally certified in Ayurvedic diet and nutrition from the Arogyam Institute, and has a second degree in reiki healing. 

More information about The Resort at Costa Rica’s introspective workshops is available at

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