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The Springs Resort Welcomes New Medical Director Marcus Coplin, N.D.

The doctor will provide guidance on soaking and other practices for overall well-being at the resort


The Springs Resort, a Colorado hot springs resort, has partnered with Marcus Coplin, N.D., a primary care naturopathic doctor, director of hydrothermal medicine for the Balneology Association of North America, and the North American liaison to the International Association of Balneology and Medical Hydrology. Coplin will serve as The Springs Resort Medical Director, advising the resort and its guests on the unique relationship hot springs have to overall health and well-being.

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Marcus Coplin, N.D.

Coplin is an expert in balneotherapy, which is the evidence-based use of therapeutic thermal mineral spring bathing. As a first step in the new partnership with the resort, he facilitated the creation of water-based wellness guides, which familiarize visitors on how best to use hot springs for specific benefits, including sleep enhancement, general wellness, sports recovery, and detoxification.

“It is incredibly beneficial for the person soaking to understand how the different temperature levels can affect their body,” says Coplin, “So they can journey through multiple stages of hydrothermal self-guided wellness to receive long-lasting and exceptional results.”

Coplin’s expert knowledge in chronic pain, fatigue, anti-aging, arthritis, diabetes, and inflammation helped the resort create guides containing different soaking suggestions with explanations of what happens to the body during contrast bathing.

“The goal of the soaking guides is to give guests a deeper health resort experience,” says Coplin. “Our guests are able to use the self-guided tour through the pools to feel for themselves the benefits the waters have to offer.” 

Before teaming with the resort, Coplin’s work spanned the areas of balneology, chronic pain management, physiotherapy, integrative oncology, intravenous nutrient therapy, and clinical mechanics. He will visit the resort several times each year to continue offering guidance on best soaking practices, achieving better sleep, and more. Coplin has been invited to give talks on the health benefits of bathing in thermal mineral water, how to build integrative treatments enhanced by the hot spring bathing, water as the cure for cellular degeneration, and more.

Says Sharon Holtz, director of resort wellness operations,“We are thrilled to have Dr. Coplin on board to provide insight from his extensive experience and valuable knowledge for evidence-backed soaking guides, allowing our guests to get the most rejuvenation and benefit to their well-being from a visit with us.”

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