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The Well Launches Cutting-Edge Complete Laser Therapy Treatment

New treatment treats chronic conditions and optimizes skin health


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The Well launched Complete Laser Therapy (C.L.T.), at its New York location, with its Connecticut location, The Well at Mayflower Inn, soon to follow. Adapted from Lorinda Zimmerman, a celebrity skincare professional, and her W SkinCare location in Toronto, C.L.T. will be exclusively offered atThe Well locations in the U.S..

A non-invasive light source treatment, the therapy helps heal various skin conditions, combat signs of aging, and improve the skin’s texture and tone. Ideal for all skin types, the treatment combines laser application with the use of fragrant botanical gel, addressing multiple skin layers at once to reveal a noticeably smoother, tighter, and brighter complexion.

C.L.T. also demonstrates effective results for those with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea in addition to targeting wrinkles, dark circles, hypertrophic scars, and burns. The technology can increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, boost elasticity through the increase in collagen and elastin, decrease the activity and size of sebaceous glands, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and provide reoxygenation of the skin. 

This treatment, safe for all skin types and tones, uses a red laser in combination with blue and green LED light to alter biological activity. The therapy does not cause a change in the skin temperature regardless of hue or target pigmentation in the skin, so it is effective for those higher on the Fitzpatrick Scale, which categorizes different skin pigmentations. Additionally, it does not induce sun sensitivity or require healing down-time due to the lack of damage to the tissue. 

Starting at $150, treatment options range from a 30-minute eye treatment to a 60 or 90-minute rejuvenating face and decollete facial. The Triple Fix and The Quick Six packages are also available, which include three or six 60-minute facial sessions. 

“We are excited to expand our unique range of services by introducing Complete Laser Therapy at our U.S. locations,” says Sarrah Hallock, co-founder and chief operating officer of The Well. “We are proud that The Well is the only location in the U.S. to offer this technology, allowing us to continue to provide our community with the absolute best—something we have made our mission to do since day one. We consistently aim to offer a space unlike any other spa and wellness destinations to ensure our guests are confident they are always getting the most effective treatments and impactful experiences.”

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