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The Wellness Questionnaire with Christina Uzzardi, Founder and CEO of Cheeks + Co

Discover how this beauty entrepreneur prioritizes wellness in her own life.


Christina Uzzardi is a clean beauty veteran with more than a decade at Ilia, where, along with founder Sasha Plavsic, she helped scale the company from $100,000 to more than $20M a year in revenue as director of operations. An experienced esthetician as well, Uzzardi launched Cheeks + Co, a facial and waxing spa, in 2019, determined to disrupt the clean skincare spa experience and fill the void she saw in the market for clean, advanced skincare treatments in a luxurious and approachable spa environment in Los Angeles. Cheeks + Co is in Pasadena and a second location will be opening soon in West Adams. A leader to her team of nearly 20 Glow Givers, she is focused on developing the skincare menu, the training program for the Cheeks + Co spas, and the coveted retail selection when not in the facial room with her clients. Here, she shares how she maintains her own wellbeing. 

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness means taking the time and energy to nourish your physical and spiritual being.

What are your favorite things to do to maintain your personal wellbeing?

I make it a point to get a facial every two weeks, lymphatic drainage once a month, and throw myself a pity party for 10 minutes whenever I want. It seems silly, but I found that when I’m feeling sorry for myself, all I need is a few minutes to feel all the feels and then I quickly realize how grateful and lucky I am.

Is there a specific fitness activity that you love and why?

I do Lagree Pilates and tennis. I love that Lagree is just 45 minutes and really challenging, and nothing beats the fun I have playing tennis with my girlfriends, even when we are really serious and competitive with each other.

What is your favorite healthy food, and do you have a favorite way of preparing it?

Guacamole. My recipe is simple and amazing: avocado, minced red onion, salt, and a squeeze of lime.

What is your favorite healthy beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and do you have any insider tips for preparing it?

I’ve gotten into celery juice and prepare it with our Omega juicer. We got the juicer as a wedding gift years ago and have definitely put some wear and tear on it.

What is your greatest wellness achievement?

It’s small but taking my supplements every day this year. I’ve made a conscious effort to make this a daily ritual, and I definitely see the change in my mental and physical wellbeing.

What person in wellness do you most admire and why?

I’m a huge fan of Glennon Doyle. She’s honest and funny, and her books really resonate with me. So much of wellness is just rewiring our brains to love ourselves and our bodies, and her books just hit right.

What is the best piece of wellness advice you have ever received and from whom?

My mother told me to be easier on myself and be proud of my achievements.

What do you think is the most exciting wellness innovation you have recently discovered?

I’m loving the mushroom craze. Mushrooms have been around forever, but it’s nice to see so many brands offering innovative blends.

What is your idea of balanced healthy happiness?

Not beating myself up. It’s amazing how hard I can be on myself, my body, and my mind. When I’m feeling content in my own skin and proud of the vessel, I’m balanced and healthy.

What do you think is the most overused word or words in wellness?

Meditation. While I think it’s amazing for so many people, I have a hard time getting into it. I believe there are other alternatives that do not get nearly as much attention.

Do you have a secret health or wellness tip you would like to share?

I start every morning with a warm cup of lemon water with honey, turmeric, ginger, and pepper. My husband got me into this. It really sets the tone right for the day, and I rarely get sick. When I do, I’m quick to recover, which I credit to this drink.

What is your favorite place for a healthy vacation or escape?

My husband and I try to visit Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs at least twice a year. No kids are allowed, so it forces us to take time as a couple and unwind without the stress of the kids and daily life.

Is there a particular wellness company or brand that truly impresses you with their efforts and why?

I am a big fan of Moon Juice supplements. The products are high quality, and they look cute in my cabinet, which may seem superficial, but when they’re cute, I like taking them more.

What is your favorite self-care routine?

Giving myself a five-minute facial massage in the morning or at night, whenever I’m feeling down and stressed.

What is your go-to for de-stressing?

Working out. It’s not always easy to find the time, but I make it a priority and am grateful for a supportive partner who recognizes and supports that.

What aspect of your wellbeing do you struggle with the most or would most like to improve?

I am a stress eater, and when I’m under a lot of pressure, which seems like often, I tend to consume really unhealthy foods which make me feel even worse. And I’m bad at meal prep, so I would like to spend more time creating healthy food alternatives for those times I’m feeling extra stressed.

What wellness-related books or authors do you recommend, and why?

I’m actually re reading two of my favorites right now: Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience by Brene Brown and After the Rain: Gentle Reminders for Healing, Courage, and Self-Love by Alexandra Elle. It’ll take work, but Atlas of the Heart will guide you through your emotions. Self-love and self-forgiveness are both consistent challenges for me and many others. After the Rain is also easily digestible.

How do you celebrate small victories?

I celebrate by taking a second to actually acknowledge them. It’s easy to just breeze through small victories without even noticing, so I try to step back and acknowledge it was a win.

What brings you joy?

My business, clients, team, and family all bring me joy along with taking the time to celebrate the amazing life I have.

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