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Andre Condit
Andre Condit

Spectacle Skincare co-founder Andre Condit was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, surrounded by nature, culture, and a respect for the diverse beauty within his community. In his early 20s, he moved to New York City and signed with Ford Modeling Agency. Working with incredible photographers and brands, he found himself in search of serious skin support to manage climate, makeup, stress, and travel and was consistently underwhelmed with products introduced to him by makeup artists and skin experts while overwhelmed with packaging waste. 

To meet his own needs, Andre set on course to learn everything about skin function and active ingredients used in skincare. Through his journey, he recognized the lack of truly multifunctional products and that less was often more despite an industry mission to market more. Before the concept was formally named, he connected to the concept of skin minimalism and the dire need for industry change. Leaving the runway behind, Andre enrolled at the Institute of Personal Care Science, embarking on the next phase of his career, receiving his advanced certificates in Cosmetic Chemistry and Science. Focused on the integrated benefits of multiple actives, he worked with experienced chemists to develop Spectacle Performance Crème, the brand’s first one-step wonder, incorporating microdosing, skin minimalism, and 95 percent recycled materials to produce the most beneficial skin product with the least environmental impact.

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