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Elisa Garcia, AIA

Elisa leads Zen Spaces, a wellness-focused interior design firm based in Santa Barbara, CA. She is a licensed architect, interior designer, and construction manager with 32 years of experience. She’s also a self-proclaimed science nerd. Elisa grew up working in her father’s architectural and development firm. Being that it was the 1970s in California, her dad was interested in meditation, creative visualization, and Eastern philosophies and shared his ideas with his young daughter while driving her around to his building sites on the weekends. Elisa’s passion for organic, nature-inspired design was fueled when she read Frank Lloyd Wright’s autobiography at the age of 15. At the age of 18, Elisa went to work for several interior design and construction management firms for the following 15 years. She then started her own firm when she obtained her architectural license in 2004.

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