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Jeannie Jarnot

Jeannie, a longtime spa director and beauty expert, is on a mission to deliver beauty you can trust, one hero product at a time. After uncovering the prevalence of toxic ingredients in the spa industry—and how they might have contributed to her own infertility—Jeannie began her quest to make healthy beauty the rule rather than the exception. The complexity of navigating cosmetic ingredients only fueled her passion to make it simple to discover safe, effective, and luxurious skincare. Today, as the founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeannie brings a lifetime of beauty, wellness, and ritual to her company and her customers, delivering healthy beauty through the thrill of discovery. Feeling called to have a deeper conversation about beauty and wellness for people and the planet, Jeannie pioneered Project Blue Beauty, a platform to connect conscious consumers with beauty brands that are going from green to blue, shining a spotlight on brands that are not just minimizing their environmental footprint, but also actually leaving the planet better than they found it.

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You may be familiar with the green beauty movement that was pioneered.....