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Monica Le Baron
Monica Le Baron

Monica is a bilingual (EN/ES) sleep coach and a certified yoga therapist. She specializes in helping women with sleep disorders finally get a good night’s rest using her Sleep Simplified program. Monica is a resident sleep expert guide at, where she offers group and individual coaching. Guidely, an intelligent personal-development platform, connects people seeking healing, inspiration, and answers with experts who help transform their lives. 

Monica’s passion and practice are informed by her own journey from corporate burnout towards developing effective restorative practices. After just one session, her clients have been able to get two extra hours of restful sleep, wake up fewer times in the middle of the night, and fall asleep within minutes of their head hitting the pillow. When she’s not helping her clients get a full night’s sleep, you can find her meditating in the mountains of her hometown. She lives in Chihuahua, Mexico, with her mother and siblings. For more information and to work with Monica, visit Guidely

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