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Taylor Lamb
Taylor Lamb

Taylor is the co-founder of Juna, a leading nutraceutical brand taking a problem-solving approach to top women’s issues though science-backed plants. Juna is on a mission to prove that plants can be as effective as quick-fix pharmaceuticals and provide lasting, long-term benefits. Juna formulates targeted, plant-powered formulas with more than 60 active botanicals that solve for the stress, anxiety, detox, and sleep issues women are facing daily. Juna recently launched the Nightcap sleep gummies, which feature a science-backed sleep formula that includes L phyto-melatonin derived from St. John’s Wart, passionflower, magnesium blend, tart cherry, gaba, chamomile, L-tryptophan, and more.

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Evidence suggests that a healthy gut microbiome may play a crucial role.........