Corey Spiegel

Founder of Light House

Why You Need A Board of Directors in Your Personal Life

It should come as no surprise that networking is one of the best ways to build professional relationships, open doors to new opportunities, and climb the career ladder. Understanding the importance of networking, Corey Spiegel founded Light House, a women’s networking organization, to help women create the support they need to thrive. Speaking at the Well Defined Women in Leadership Summit in Costa Mesa, CA, on January 23, 2024, Spiegel will lead a session titled: Why You Need a Board of Directors for Your Personal Life.

“Every woman deserves to have community of supporters and a safe space to engage in honest, and sometimes challenging discussions about career paths, personal growth, mental health, relationships, beauty, and wellbeing among other key issues,” says Spiegel. “Human connection is not only powerful, it’s necessary. It means laughter, support, validation, unbridled emotion. It is the relationship formed through common bonds, areas of interest, values, and shared experiences with real people.”

Spiegel, a sought-after moderator on women’s empowerment and wellness and a mother of two, worked as an advertising executive, spending two decades employed by companies, such as Warner Bros, Ellen, Playboy, and Extra, overseeing digital sales, product integrations, social media, and brand partnerships. She created Light House—a diverse community of women who have personal conversations that are transparent, refreshing, and real—with the vision of helping women create a Board of Directors for their real lives.

“As a sales executive, I was known for being a cross between a tough coach and a cheerleader trying to motivate my sales divisions seeking out solutions as a team,” says Spiegel. “It served me well and resulted in many deals I am very proud of. I wanted to bring that same sense of teamwork to Light House. Light House is not an enhanced LinkedIn or Yelp search. We are about having real conversations with real topics with real people about real life. We are your new girlfriends who listen and offer perspective without any bias or judgement that your inner circle may not be equipped to offer.”

Light House creates a safe space for engaging dialogue that not only allows women to hear and learn from others who are in the same boat, but also renews their own sense of appreciation, empowerment, and passion for life.