Sandy Abrams

Founder of C.E.Om Breath & Mindset Experiences, Author of Breathe to Succeed

Breathe Better, Feel Better

From alleviating anxiety to elevating energy, mindful breathing has the potential to boost your immunity, enhance sleep, and leave you feeling more empowered. Sandy Abrams, author of Breathe to Succeed: Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity Through the Power of Mindfulness, will be leading a session, Breathe Better, Feel Better, at the Well Defined Women in Leadership Summit on January 23, 2024, in Costa Mesa, CA.

“We take more than 20,000 breaths every day, and most of those are done on auto pilot,” says Abrams. “When you add in mindful breathing practices in small moments throughout the day, you can relieve stress, think more clearly, feel calm and empowered, digest better, boost your immune system, and sleep better. The bottom line is if you breathe better, you feel better.”

Abrams is a longtime entrepreneur who turned Moisture Jamzz Moisture Gloves into a multi-million-dollar business. After years of helping people turn ideas into reality, she penned the book, Your Idea, Inc.: 12 Steps to Building a Million Dollar Business—Starting Today!.

A TEDX speaker, chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Breathe Initiative, and board member at Health & Human Performance Foundation, Abrams has shared her C.E.Om Breath & Mindset Experiences at Google, WW, McKinsey & Co. Facebook, Pepsi, Young Presidents’ Organization, Women Presidents Organization, Sage software, LinkedIn, Lululemon, Goldie Hawn’s MindUP Foundation, and Brain Tap. She is also a frequent speaker at Canyon Ranch resorts, women’s and entrepreneurial groups, and more.

Abrams is on a mission to empower people to create optimal energy for wellbeing and success—one deep, mindful breath at a time.