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Wingwomen Founder Adonica Shaw to Speak On the Truth About Women’s Health That No One is Discussing at Well Defined Women in Leadership Summit

Discover How You Can Take the Reins in Your Own Healthcare Journey

A social entrepreneur, author, speaker, and trainer, Adonica Shaw, a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellness, will be speaking on the topic of women’s health at Well Defined’s Women in Leadership Summit on March 1, 2022, in Tustin, CA. In a session titled “The Truth About Women’s Health That No One is Discussing,” she will help attendees examine their beliefs about how women should care for themselves as mothers, professionals, and women.

Most women understand that self-care and wellness are integral to long-term success in life and business. However, what many don’t realize or want to admit is how neglecting those aspects of their lives may be holding them back. Shaw will help attendees examine what self-care and mental health looked like to them as children and understand how they may be perpetuating outdated norms. She will share how to be an advocate for themselves in their own healthcare journey.   

Shaw founded Wingwomen, a social network that empowers women to take their health into their own hands, to give women an opportunity to take a more active role in their health and wellness outcomes by connecting with peer support, search advocates, advocacy groups, and healthcare providers. “Now, more than ever, I believe women want meaningful connections as it relates to their health, and they want people who can give them support or advocate for them when they can’t even do it for themselves,” says Shaw. “Wingwomen provides access to these relationships.”

A three-time TEDx speaker and host of The Parent Pod podcast, Shaw is also the author of Depressed to Daring: Channel Your Inner Superwoman. Defeat Anxiety & Depression & Gain Control Over Your Life and Career, which offers tools to defeat debilitating thought patterns, identify emotional triggers, find your authentic voice, and shatter your own glass ceiling. Named as one of the 136 Black Innovators in STEM + Arts by Wonder Women Tech, she is internationally recognized as an inspirational thought leader and a woman’s health advocate. Her mission is to help women become their own biggest allies. Her second book, Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling, is set to publish in 2022.

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