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Anne Bramham

Founder, CEO, and Instructor
Advanced Spa Therapists Education and Certification Council (ASTECC)

Anne is founder and CEO of ASTECC, which is widely regarded as a benchmark for spa therapy education excellence. A native of the UK and now a resident of the U.S., her spa journey spans more than a 35-year period and two continents, in which time she has been a practitioner, owner, consultant, program designer, and at all times, a student and teacher venturing deeper into the subject of whole health and wellbeing. Anne’s work is successful in bridging the gaps, whether in practice or education. Her practice of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) led her to open the first lymphedema hospital clinic in Boca Raton, FL. There, her skin and spa background led her to develop a beneficial skin lotion for lymphedema sufferers. It is now widely used in clinics and hospitals in the North American and Australasian markets. A long-time instructor for the Dr. Vodder School, Anne recently launched her own MLD teaching forum based on the original teachings of Vodder’s holistic approach. In the education forum, she focused on the spaces in between, the internal environment in relation to the external environment, the body’s communications systems that run from dermis to core. Her passion lies in building a resilient being, and the authentic tools of the nature cure, spa practitioners, are her greatest resource. As a consultant and program designer, environment and functionality play a primary role. ASTECC’s constitutional programs have been adopted by several five-star resorts in the U.S. Anne received American Spa’s Women in Wellness Educator of the Year award in 2019.