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Anna Haddad

Anna is a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of ONEYOGAHOUSE in Brooklyn and Montauk, NY. She has been a student of yoga since 2000, when she found the practice to be a complement to her taekwon-do training. Always drawn to entrepreneurship, Haddad co-founded a grassroots athleisure company in 2014 (tanya-b) followed by a yoga studio in Montauk in 2017 (bYoga). Her vision for ONEYOGAHOUSE is to create a business rooted in community, creativity, and connectivity. Haddad aims to make yoga accessible and a lifelong practice for everyone in the ONEYOGAHOUSE community. She has also completed teacher trainings and mentorships with Maya Yoga, Woom Center, Yoga Vida, and Pure Yoga, and continues her studies and trainings with Yogi Charu (meditation) and Lara Heimann (functional anatomy). Haddad leads yoga retreats around the world, virtual corporate yoga retreats, and private sessions, combining her love for travel with teaching movement and meditation, all while helping others realize their goals. For more info, visit or follow @annahaddadyoga or @oneyogahouse on Instagram.

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