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4 Pilates Moves to Tone Your Abs by Spring

Celebrity trainer and Natural Pilates founder Laura Wilson shares moves to uncover that six-pack

Pilates, a low-impact workout that involves flexibility, strength, and endurance, focuses on the body’s core. Developed by Joseph Pilates as a way for dancers to recover from injury, it helps to improve balance, posture, and even mental health. In fact, studies show practicing Pilates can help reduce stress and anxiety. The physical benefits, however, are where Pilates truly shines.

Core strength is essential for body stability, controlling movement, and your back’s ability to withstand stress. It also makes common everyday moves easier, such as when you must bend down to pick something up or when you find yourself standing for extended periods of time. Sitting at a desk all day can be harmful, especially if you find yourself slouching, which can wreak havoc on the body’s disks and joints. A weak core can lead to injuries and lower back pain. While exercises can be performed on a mat or a reformer, celebrity trainer and Natural Pilates founder Laura Wilson has four Pilates moves that you can perform at home to help you tone your abs and build core strength.

Natural Pilates founder Laura Wilson demos leg taps.

Leg taps – this is a great core-strengthening exercise for improving abdominal and back stability. The goal of this exercise is to keep the back and abs strong and stable as the legs move.

Plank1 1
This plank position helps tone the arms, legs, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles.

Plank – this is the best exercise to strengthen your core and abdomen. It targets hips, lower back, and the abdomen, and it improves the body’s balance and posture.  

The roll down also helps to increase flexibility and abdominal strength.

Full roll down – this a good mobility exercise for the spine while the core is actively engaged to control the movement.

This move helps to provide better range of motion in the hips and relies on muscles that are often neglected while sitting for prolonged periods.

Side bend with leg lift – lastly, this is a perfect exercise for strengthening both the side body and lower back. 

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