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9 Enticing Offerings For the Ultimate In Wellness at Home

The editors of Well Defined share a variety of offerings that can be used at home. Here are their recommendations.


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Supporting overall wellbeing often involves a multi-pronged approach across all aspects of life. Here are a few fun finds that can be incorporated into your home to support your wellness goals.

PeachSkinSheets ($105)

I’m a very hot sleeper, a trait that has gotten worse as I get older. So, when I heard about this temperature-controlled bedding, I was excited to try it. I’m happy to report that these soft, cool sheets have quickly become my favorite. Along with being incredibly soft to the touch, they are also made from athletic-grade performance, lightweight, and airy microfiber that wicks away moisture rather than just absorbing it like cotton and other fabrics. Additionally, the sheet is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so I sleep well knowing that along with keeping me cool, they are safe and clean for me and my family. So far, I’ve tested out the white classic sheet set, but I’m planning to order more colors and sample the duvet cover options, as well.

Njoie’s Bean Heated Shiatsu Massage Pillow ($49.99)

I work from home and although I have an ergonomic chair, I often find myself hunched over my desk, which results in a sore back and neck. Enter the Bean Pillow, which fits perfectly in my chair and gives me a mid-day massage. It has four powerful 3D massage nodes with pro-graded kneading motion, as well as a heat function with three levels of intensity. Its ergonomic design fits nicely against the neck, shoulders, and back as well as lower in the body below the thighs, calves, or feet. I have attached it to my office chair and use it often for instant stress and pain relief. It’s effective, affordable, and easy to use, so it’s a permanent addition to my office.

Yoga Tights from Athleta (starting at $49.99)

Yoga Tights from Athleta (starting at $49.99)

There’s nothing like a powerful yoga sesh to promote wellbeing. I love to look good and feel good during my workouts with these fabulous new tights. The Ultra-High Rise Elation, made second-skin Powervita fabric, are side-seam free tights with a three-layer waistband that holds and supports in all the right places. Salutation Stash, also made with Powervita fabric, offer buttery soft support and are also quick-drying, breathable, and have a side pocket for all my essentials. Transcend, the company’s newest tight, is designed specifically for a fiery yoga practice with VitaFree fabric for a barely there, yet fully covered feel.

ZUM Wool Dryer Balls Kit ($13)

I love the scent of freshly dried clothes, but my family’s sensitive skin means that I mostly use fragrance- and dye-free laundry soaps and dryer sheets, so our clothes aren’t nearly as sweet smelling as I’d like. A cool option is these Wool Dryer Balls, which are made from natural wool. They can be spritzed with the included Sea Salt, Frankincense & Myrrh, or Patchouli plant-based aroma blend before tossing them in with your laundry, and they leave everything smelling sensational. They are safe for use on loads that range from delicate to heavy duty, and they help with dry time, aerate wrinkles, and spruce up every load with aromatic allure. Plus, they can be used up to 669 times.

LUUM Goods Starter Kit ($44)

The home cleaning starter kit is an elevated alternative to single-use plastic spray cleaners and harsh, toxic ingredients. The For Everything cleaning tablets, made with ingredients like vinegar, citric acid, and baking soda, create an all-purpose cleaner that can tackle anything from greasy kitchens to scummy tubs and everything in between. Each starter kit contains one refillable glass spray bottle with non-slip and protective silicone sleeve, four For Everything concentrated cleaning tablets—each makes 15 ounces of multi-surface cleaner, and one bottle of LUUM No.01 Citrus Blend essential oil, a blend of pink grapefruit, wild orange, sweet orange, and lemon.

Urthy Scent Tower ($150)

This sleek, quiet, waterless scent tower uses nebulizing technology to deliver a nano mist in your space. It is an innovative electric diffuser that disperses scent using air rather than water and has different strength options that distribute any of the brand’s pure essential oil fragrances in whatever scent level you prefer. It is easy to refill and made to hold four ounces of diffuser scents, which are sold separately.

Lifevine Rosé ($21.99)

Lifevine Rosé ($21.99)

Nothing says summer more to me than a crisp glass of rosé. Unfortunately, my penchant for sipping a glass too many on occasion has given me more post-drinking headaches than I care to admit. That’s why Lifevine’s Rosé is the perfect summer solution. It is made with modest alcohol content (12%), no sugar, and organic grapes, so post-vino side effects are significantly reduced. Plus, it tastes great, with a refreshing flavor that falls between a crisp white and a light red. This clean wine is an ideal option for those who love their wine but hate the extra additives

Canopy Humidifier ($150)

Ideal for seasonal allergies and cold and flu symptoms, this humidifier promotes healthy skin and alleviates symptoms by providing clean, filtered moisture. It also mitigates dust and mold. Hydrating rooms up to 500 square feet, it has dishwasher safe parts, offers a 2.5-liter tank that offers up to 36 hours of running time, has effective and disposable filters and mold-inhibiting technology, and sensors that maintain optimal moisture day and night. It also features a sleek, modern, nightstand-friendly design and multiple colors plus the capability to diffuse aroma oils cleanly from the top grate of the device.

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit ($75 for plastic bottles; $125 for glass bottles)

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit ($75 for plastic bottles; $125 for glass bottles)

A more natural and sustainable way to clean, these non-toxic cleaning products replace more traditional cleaning supplies when diluted with water. Utilizing plant and mineral-based ingredients, Branch Basics has a mission to help people remove harmful, toxic chemicals from their daily lives and ensures all its products are made without 5,000-plus toxic chemicals. Demonstrating its emphasis on sustainability, these plastic or glass bottles can be used over and over without being tossed and replaced by more plastic. This starter kit includes The Concentrate, a multipurpose cleaning solution; Oxygen Boost, which pairs with The Concentrate as a natural way to tackle laundry, stains, and grout as well as an assortment of reusable bottles.

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