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6 Products for Period Relief

These products provide period support all month long.
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Around 1.8 billion people menstruate every month worldwide, meaning at a given point each day, 800 million women and girls menstruate, comprising 26 percent of the global population, according to the National Institutes of Health. Suffice it to say, there is a huge need to address the needs of those who have their periods. Here’s a look at some of the latest offerings that make that time of the month a little more manageable.

Cycle Balance by Elix Healing (Starting at $38 per month)

Cycle Balance by Elix Healing (Starting at $38 per month)

Elix was founded by Lulu Ge, a former corporate executive at Saks, after realizing how awful her period symptoms were after going off birth control. Not wanting to rely on pain killers or hormones, she was reminded of her ancient Chinese roots when her grandfather gave her a specialized blend of herbs based on her symptoms—and by looking at her tongue. Fast forward to 2023, Elix now offers products that are clinically proven to treat more than 15 menstrual symptoms. Its flagship product, Cycle Balance, is a personalized tincture that is made to target specific individual symptoms based on Elix's online health assessment. This 10-minute assessment, which includes an online Q&A and a photo of the tongue, is used to discover underlying imbalances and create a personalized organic herbal blend of medicinal herbs that can be taken the week leading up to menstruation to help address these imbalances. Users have reported a reduction in symptoms including cramps, mood swings, bloating, anxiety and stress, PMS, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, fatigue, migraines, and more.

Rael Period Underwear (starting at $25)

Rael Period Underwear (starting at $25)

Developed with comfort in mind and various cycle needs, Rael recently launched three new sustainable, reusable underwear designs with soft stretch-fit fabric that hugs curves, provides coverage, and stays in place for ultimate comfort and security all period long. The reusable period underwear designs include Bikini ($25), which features a classic mid-rise bikini silhouette that absorbs as much as that of three tampons and is ideal for the beginning or tail end of the cycle; High Waist ($30), which features a vintage, high-waist silhouette with extra coverage for the midsection that absorbs as much as four to five tampons would; and Boyshorts ($32), a mid-rise boyshort with extra coverage that absorbs as much as four to five tampons and is perfect for overnight or lounging. All three designs come in sizes ranging from S to XXL and feature a four-layer gusset that consists of a soft, breathable top layer that quickly wicks away moisture for dryness and comfort; an ultra-absorbent core that absorbs the bulk of liquid, even on heavy days; a moisture-lock layer that seals in liquid to maintain freshness; and curve-hugging comfort that is soft and elastic for a smooth, seamless feel.

Rif Care Hemp Pads (starting at $8.99)

Rif Care Hemp Pads (starting at $8.99)

Rif Care is a BIPOC women-owned menstrual care brand, and these plant-based, leak-proof Hemp Pads are made with organically grown hemp fiber and organic cotton, plus the compostable materials are 100 percent biodegradable in less than a year. The pads are also packaged in 100 percent biodegradable, plant-based back sheets and wrappers. Tailored for all needs, the Hemp Pads are available in three absorbency levels—Regular ($8.99), Super ($9.99) and Overnight ($10.99). Anchored to its social responsibility and mission to help others, Rif Care supports the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) in Los Angeles. The company gives two percent of all profits to VIP to protect and treat victims of family violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. Rif Care also plans to give back through donations of menstrual pads in its community.

LOLA First Period Kit ($34)

This period starter kit includes a variety of period-care products along with a digital period survival guide full of honest, straightforward tips, and features a Q&A section with answers to common questions. The kit includes 10 pads with wings (five regular, five heavy), 12 ultra-thin liners, 10 light organic cotton tampons with BPA-free plastic applicators, one sheet of stickers for period tracking, and a $5 credit for the next LOLA purchase

Cariona Reusable Menstrual Pads (starting at $6)

These reusable, organic pads are both affordable and eco-friendly, offering an effective way to manage your monthly cycle and prevent tons of damaging disposable pads from filling landfills. Made from bamboo charcoal and 100 percent organic cotton, the pads are comfortable, chemical-free, and reusable with three unique microfiber and waterproof layers to stop leaks and neutralize odors. Machine-washable, the slim design fits comfortably into any bag, and the pads are also perfect for incontinence and postpartum needs. Plus, they are available in a variety of fun pattens and styles, with options for all flows and prints like floral, fruit, and animals. The company also works with women in third-world countries by donating reusable pads.

Pamprin Botanicals ($15)

Ashwagandha, magnesium, turmeric, vitamin B6, and chasteberry naturally work together to provide emotional and physical support before, during, and after periods. The gluten-free, vegan capsules are non-GMO, dye free, and cruelty free and are clinically tested for safety and efficacy. The ingredients work together to holistically relieve cramps, mood swings, and bloating.

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