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Brand Uncover Creates New Model for Beauty and Wellness Industry

Experts connect consumers with a curated community of wellness and beauty brands


Beauty and wellness experts Gina Jacoby-Clements, Taylor Barry, and Melissa Chiofolo recently announced their new initiative, Brand Uncover, an online platform that connects brands with buyers.   

Some beauty brands featured include Clove and Hollow, Hush and Hush, DermYoung, and Sanara. There are also spas such as Canyon Ranch, Mii Amo, and Four Seasons, as well as retailers including Bluemercury, Credo, and Von Maur.

“Brand Uncover makes my job so much easier,” says Deirdre Strunk, vice president of  fitness and beauty at Canyon Ranch. “It is a one-stop-shop so that I don’t need to speak with numerous vendors. The variety is so valuable to me, especially when I have so many [distribution] outlets.”

The platform supports buyers by helping them discover new and unique lines while brands also get exposure to buyers they wouldn’t otherwise have access. Additionally, Brand Uncover provides members with educational resources through recurring discussions with industry experts.

ROI and Beauty Breakthrough have launched Brand Uncover to offer a comprehensive approach to sales growth,” says co-founder Jacoby-Clements. “The two companies create perfect synergy: ROI has an extensive background in building a sales strategy and connecting brands with top buyers. Beauty Breakthrough prepares brands to successfully support their distribution partners. By combining the expertise of both companies with Brand Uncover, members gain access to an entire ecosystem of resources and support to help them achieve their goals.”

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