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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Introduces Six New Touchless Treatments


At the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, the Recharge Wave Mat is just one of the spa’s new touchless treatments.

Located along Florida’s Gold Coast, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort recently launched six new touchless treatments. Available at the resort’s award-winning 70,000-square-foot spa, the treatments are designed to promote relaxation and address a host of conditions, including stress, anxiety, acne, eczema, physical pain, lymphatic congestion, and more.

“At Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, we’re always looking for new modalities to enhance the health and wellbeing of our guests,” says Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa & Wellness Operations. “We’re excited to take our touchless services to the next level and invite travelers, members, and residents to explore the future of wellness with these six innovative treatments.”

The Carillon garnered attention for its innovative touchless offerings at the beginning of the pandemic, when social distancing made hands-on spa treatments seem like a risky proposition. The spa launched its first touchless wellness menu after partnering with a number of top health and wellness entrepreneurs. The high-tech touchless treatments were intended to help spa-goers feel comfortable returning to the spa again.  In the year since the treatment menu debuted, a significant portion of the spa’s revenue has come from the touchless treatments.

This month, the spa debuted the following six new touchless treatments:

Recharge Wave Mat powered by StimaWELL North America ($99, 20 minutes; series of 10 treatments, $800): The Recharge Wave Mat relaxes, relieves, and reinvigorates neck, back, and shoulder pain with mid-frequency electrostimulation and heat therapy. The patented system’s mat features integrated channels to deliver dynamic waves of stimulation that enable intense muscle training, with light electrical bursts systematically targeting the full spine or other areas of the back for instant relief.

BallancerPro ($125, 25 minutes; $200, 40 minutes; $2,400, series of 12 40-minute treatments): This FDA-cleared lymphatic drainage suit is designed to help boost wellness and the immune system, relax and detoxify the body, reduce water weight, improve tone, and speed recovery from workouts. Options are available for the upper or lower body to help flush lymphatic fluid from the body.

Soli-Lite ($150, 50 minutes; $995, series of 10 treatments; $50, 15-minute add-on enhancement): This LED photobiomodulation system treats skin concerns, from acne and wrinkles to dark rings and aging skin. With a variety of light settings, Soli-Lite can also be used to enhance and extend the benefits of treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, or to speed up healing time for invasive procedures like surgical lifts, deep peeling, and laser resurfacing. 

Dermashape ($229, 45 minutes; $1,200, series of six treatments; $49, 15-minute add-on for the face): This non-invasive lymphatic treatment lets you shape, sculpt, and reduce stored fat and toxins. It uses a special heating pad to soothe and warm the body, followed by suction technology to release stagnant lymph fluid, break up fat congestion, and increase volume of lymph flow by up to 20 times. It helps enhance the lymphatic system’s ability to remove toxins and infectious material, reduce water retention, and improve skin texture and appearance while reshaping the body. 

HIEMT Body Shape ($750, 30 minutes; $3,000, series of six treatments): This treatment is said to give you the same sculping as a 30-minute workout with no sweat. HIEMT Body Shape (HBS) utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology for short-term bursts of strong muscle contraction at a revolutionary pace.

NuCalm ($49, 25 minutes; $70, 50 minutes): The patented technology lets you stop stress before it picks up steam. NuCalm, interrupts stress at the midbrain to achieve optimal brain and body recovery. The treatment also includes the use of a NuCalm Light-Blocking Eye Mask, a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc at the wrist, and headphones with soothing binaural signal processes to ease the brain and body’s sympathetic nervous system out of fight-or-flight mode and allow the parasympathetic nervous rest-and-digest system to take over. The benefits include deeper sleep and improved performance. 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort also offers traditional spa treatments and features the Advanced Holistic Center, which provides integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine and offerings such as acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, and more.    

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