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Elizabeth Trattner Debuts Helia House, a Non-Toxic Healing and Wellness Oasis for Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

Elizabeth Trattner, doctor of Chinese and integrative medicine and a licensed acupuncturist, has opened the doors of Helia House, a non-toxic, biophilic, sustainable healing, and wellness oasis in North Miami. This wellness practice offers a clean, safe, chemical-free, high-vibrational environment for healing. 

Helia House subscribes to well building standards. From the type of sealant used on the windows to the type of wood used for the cabinetry, millwork, and doors, nothing within or around the building is toxic, notes Trattner. As someone who suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities and knows the negative effects of poor air quality, harmful building materials, and a lack of sunlight, Trattner dreamed of being able to create a space where she and her patients could breathe freely and not experience skin irritations, headaches, and the feeling of foggines while inside. 

“I invested my heart and soul into Helia House, and it was crucial that I work with partners who understood that this is not just a green space, but one that is completely non-toxic,” says Trattner. “I chose a team that in​​cludes LEED-certified architects, a LEED-certified and Florida Green Building contractor, an environmentalist who supervised every item in the building, a Feng Shui master, and many other talented and highly educated colleagues, all of whom were committed to creating a pure, safe healing space. Our team went above and beyond regulatory thresholds for the sustainable certification, making it completely clean and non-toxic to fulfil our mission as a true home for healing.” 

Implementing the same technology used in surgical rooms and environmental hospitals, Helia House has six-stage technology that kills viruses, bacteria, and mold within seconds in the air and immediately on surfaces. During the construction phase, the space was remediated three times to ensure no mold was present whatsoever, and special ductwork was installed so that mold, viruses, and bacteria cannot grow. All of these systems far surpass the sustainable certification and follow high standards of hygiene and clean-air standards.

No VOCs, formaldehyde, chemicals, toxins, or Prop 65 items or pesticides were used in building Helia House. The garden features only plants native and grown in South Florida and has been Xeriscaped for minimal water consumption.

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Helia House’s light filled treatment rooms feature live plants and eco-friendly materials.

Interior furnishings, such as the treatment tables, are eco-friendly and made from recycled material. The Okeo Tex cotton and linen curtains have been tested for chemicals, pesticides, and phthalates in addition to common allergens like lead and arsenic. 

The name Helia derives from Greek origin and means sun, which is reflected in the building itself. The fully restored mid-century modern building is flooded with natural light, which minimizes the need for electric lighting, and all indoor lighting was made by female artisans in Morocco, Tunisia, and Italy.

Additionally, Helia House revolves around the concept of sacred geometry and crystal energy and features more than 1,000 crystals throughout the property, with crystal grids laid personally by Trattner in the garden, treatment rooms, floors, walls, and doors. Crystal grids use stone energy in a synergistic way where the sum is greater than the parts, and those in Helia House were designed for healing and positive intention for all who enter the space.

At Helia House, Trattner offers treatment for women’s and men’s health, weight management, allergies, autoimmune diseases, environmental illnesses, green beauty, and cosmetic acupuncture as well as her Signature Gemstone Acupuncture Facial. Helia House will also host community education programs, which will include lectures and workshops with all proceeds from the events going to the underserved in the community.

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