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Your Go-To Mental Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Encourage mental health and wellbeing this holiday season with a host of wellness-inspired gifts.
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As joyful and cheery as the holiday season is, it can also be quite stressful. And as we somehow continue to live through these still unprecedented times, mental health and wellbeing remain at the forefront of many minds. Whether it’s stress from planning a holiday party, the first holiday season without a loved one, or looking to start the new year off on the right foot, the holidays are a great time to prioritize mental wellness. If someone you know can use a little push towards R and R this holiday season, add a little cheer to their routine with these spirit-lifting gifts.

Better Every Day Journal ($39.95)

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The Better Every Day Journal from Inside Then Out is a daily guided journal designed to help users become the best version of themselves. Developed to encourage thoughts of self-love, reflection, and growth, the journal offers 365 pre-dated prompts to help users stay consistent and incorporate journaling into their daily routines. The tools within the Better Every Day Journal help users prioritize self-care and set intention, resulting in feeling emotionally balanced and secure.

Sensate ($249.99)

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Sensate uses the natural power of infrasonic therapy to calm the body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief from stress and anxiety while also improving sleep. The anti-anxiety and stress relief device helps promote relaxation and peace in an easy, safe, and enjoyable 10-minute daily session; no effort, training, or experience required. Simply pair Sensate to your phone or tablet via the Sensate app, and place the device on the center line of the chest bone, about three to four fingers below the base of the throat (where the chest starts). Once the session starts, Sensate will emit low-frequency vibrations transmitted via bone conduction into the chest resulting in a very pleasant hum spread throughout the body, feeling similar to various grounding breathing and sound techniques. As an added bonus, you can control the strength of the vibrations using the intensity slider on the app.

Mood Mental Health Probiotic ($25.00)

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Gut bacteria create about 95 percent of the body’s serotonin supply, so keeping those bacteria in a healthy balance also positively impacts the chemical levels in the brain and nervous system. This daily probiotic supplement supports the link between the gut and brain by promoting a heathy gastrointestinal system to help improve mood. Formulated to promote digestive balance and emotional wellbeing, this daily care women’s supplement naturally manages mood with gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian ingredients like vitamins B and D, ashwagandha and L-theanine, and a unique blend of probiotics designed to balance the gut-brain axis.

Loftie Clock ($149.00)

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Designed for better sleep, Loftie Clock is a smart sleep assistant built to help create better sleep routines. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with white noise, nature sounds, and sleepy stories; improve mental wellness with guided breathwork, meditations, and sound baths; set alarms from anywhere, anytime with the app, and more. A gentle, two-phase alarm wakes the user up naturally, mimicking the way the body wakes up organically. Plus, it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Test Loftie Clock’s sound options here.

Mind Body Box (29.99)

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Ideal for those looking to ease stress, anxiety, and discomfort, The Mind Body Box from The Recovery Box Company utilizes thoughtful tools to help identify, explore, and regulate the mind and body. A Body Sensations Wheel helps connect physical sensations to the underlying emotions that might be causing them while a Mindful Art Journal provides a creative outlet to utilize that emotional energy. A Sensory Pouf engages the senses of touch and smell to encourage grounding of both mind and body though the pouf’s various textures, which were designed to use with essential oils to incorporate relaxing scents. Links to three 15-minute yoga classes and one yoga strap are included in the box to encourage mindful movement whenever needed.

Buddha Board ($37.95)

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Help your loved ones turn off the screen, and relax the mind through the meditative movements of Buddha Board. Made without ink, paint, or chemicals, Buddha Board uses only water to tap into an individual’s creative side. It then dries within minutes, leaving participants with a clean slate, mentally and physically. They simply “paint” the surface with water to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity before sitting back and watching the design evaporate, allowing them to start again.

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