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Global Wellness Day Invites the World to Dance as Part of Its 2023 Celebration

GWD debuts a new song to inspire people to be good to themselves.
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Celebrating its 12th year on Saturday, June 10, 2023, Global Wellness Day (GWD) is embracing the theme #DanceMagenta, highlighting a set of actions centered around dance. Pantone, the world color authority, recently announced magenta to be the color of 2023.

“The theme of Global Wellness Day is dance; the idea came from Diane Stobo who is a leader in the global wellness industry,” says GWD founder Belgin Aksoy. “We named it #DanceMagenta, because for us, living is dancing. The music of the universe never stops. Those who manage to become one with music are happy people. Dancing is not just a physical activity. Those who choose to live well are those who come to the realization that dancing is also a way of thinking.”

This year, more than 140 GWD ambassadors, key supporters, and volunteers will invite people of all ages to incorporate dance into their lives and spread the #DanceMagenta philosophy to communities and beyond with three simple steps:

  1. Dance with your body: Whatever style you choose. Dancing is good for the body.
  2. Dance with your thoughts: Add dance to your meditation. Dance in your mind. Free your dreams.
  3. Dance with life: Don’t resist. Stay in the flow, and trust the process. Add music to your life.

“To us, dance is the universe moving within you,” says Aksoy. “To dance is to free yourself and to be one with the world. Dancing is getting away from stress, exercising your body, and spreading happiness at the same time.”

GWD’s official audio partner, Myndstream, a platform that creates music to promote health and wellbeing, curated the GWD anthem, “Good to You,” by Academy Award- and Golden Globe Award-nominated songwriter Taura Stinson with producer Darien Dorsey. “I firmly believe that when we all come together with a unified message, collective change happens,” says Stinson. “I am beyond excited to give voice to this wave of change, one ripple at a time. After all, we can’t be good to one another unless we are first good to ourselves, and “Good to You” reminds us to be good to our minds, bodies, and spirits.” 

Performed by vocalist Brianna Mazzola, the uplifting song will be released globally on June 10, 2023, setting the tone for GWD’s celebration. Says Freddie Moross, CEO of Myndstream, “Music has the power to support and elevate wellbeing in individuals and communities alike and across global borders, so we’re excited to bring this music to the Global Wellness Day community.”

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