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New & Notable: November Edition

Check out some new wellness offerings that caught our attention this month.
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From sublime skincare offerings to an eco-friendly game changer, this month’s new products provide a variety of benefits to the skin, hair, and environment. Discover which one was truly life-changing!

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Cloud Paper Holiday Swish Cloths ($17.99)

While I try to minimize waste by composting, refusing excess packaging, and being thoughtful about the products I buy, one area I know I’m failing miserably is in my reliance on paper towels. I’m afraid the convenience gets me every time. That’s why I was so excited to try Swedish dishcloths, which I had long heard were a game-changing reusable alternative to paper towels. Cloud Paper’s holiday collection of three limited-edition Swish Cloths helped me break my addiction to paper towel. The absorbent plant-based material is reputed to wick up to 20-times its weight in liquids. I was able to rinse, wring out, and repeat when cleaning up kitchen spills, messes, and more. Best of all, the cloths are good for four to six months of use. I especially love that they’re 100 percent biodegradable and can be thrown in the compost when they’ve outlived their usefulness. The festive prints are a nice touch to add to my holiday decor. They also come in a host of other appealing prints and designs. There is even a subscription service that lets you choose your delivery frequency. Anything that helps me to cut down on my paper-towel consumption is a win in my book.

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Detox Mode +C Vital Kiwi Facial Potion ($49)

In the past couple of years, my rosacea has worsened, making me extremely cautious when introducing any new products to my skincare regimen. This nourishing oil from Detox Mode, a brand created by the folks behind The Detox Market, is an antioxidant-rich formula containing grapeseed oil, cold-pressed kiwi, passion fruit seed oil, and pomegranate seed oil. Because my skin is always dehydrated, I was on the hunt for a nourishing oil to provide a boost of hydration before bed. Like most wellness enthusiasts, I prefer products that rely on natural and wholesome ingredients. I’m also something of a texture snob. If a product feels at all sticky, I want nothing to do with it. Fortunately, Detox Mode +C Vital Kiwi Facial Potion felt smooth and silky when applied. It left my sensitive skin feeling soft and nourished. And if that wasn’t enough, it smells heavenly. In fact, I’m often tempted to reapply just so I can enjoy the aromatherapy that comes with each application. When winding down for bed, the scent is a highlight!

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Farmhouse Fresh Make It Melt Silky Milk Cleansing Balm ($39) and Vitamin C Booster ($68)

Cleansing balms have long been a favorite of mine, and the new Make It Melt Silky Milk Cleansing Balm from Farmhouse Fresh is no exception. The cheery-yellow whipped cleanser smells as good as it looks with the uplifting scent of natural orange and vanilla. It contains seaberry fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, and lemon balm extract, all working to nourish and replenish the skin with hydration. On dry skin, the cleanser goes from a balm to an oil, melting away makeup, dirt, and other impurities. I applied the balm before showering. Once it blended with water, it transformed into a foamy cleanser, leaving my skin feeling soft and clean. I then applied Farmhouse Fresh’s Vitamin C Booster, which relies on a powerful blend of 15 percent vitamin C and 5 percent ferulic acid. This radiance booster is also formulated with antioxidant-rich green tea and lemon balm extract. It features a fresh, light scent and goes on like a rich serum. Ultimately, my skin felt smooth and hydrated.     

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Geologie Smoothing Hair Co-Wash and Cooling Hair Co-Wash ($38)

I must admit my first co-wash attempt was not a raging success. My first mistake was opting for the Smoothing Hair Co-Wash, which is intended for drier hair types. I should probably mention the fact that I have never had an issue with dry hair. In fact, if anything, my hair tends to look a bit greasy a day after washing it. I’ve long been amazed by people who can go two, three, even four days without washing their hair. That is most certainly not me. My second mistake was not doing my homework on co-washing. For those not yet familiar with the term, it essentially means to wash your hair with conditioner. The idea is that you avoid the detergents that strip hair of its protective oils. Sounds good, right? It is, for people with thick, curly, dry, course, and textured hair. Again, my hair is nothing like that. And my third mistake was using too much. Thinking it was like regular shampoo, I applied a rather large dollop. It wasn’t until hours later when my hair looked incredibly greasy did I realize my many mistakes. Truth be told, I rarely even use conditioner after shampooing these days. I had much better luck on my second attempt when I opted for the Cooling Hair Co-Wash. For one, the ingredients—tea tree oil and aloe—were much better suited to my hair type than the avocado oil and coconut oil found in the Smoothing Hair Co-Wash. I also didn’t use a lot of the product thinking it was typical shampoo. Despite the improved results, my hair didn’t exactly love co-washing. Realizing I wasn’t the ideal candidate, I eventually gifted my two co-washes to a curly-haired friend who absolutely loved both as did her hair!  

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Kopari Antioxidant Face Shield Mineral SPF 30 ($38)

As someone who has avoided the sun for most of her life, I don’t have to be told twice about the importance of sunscreen. However, as someone with worsening rosacea, I’m always hesitant to slather my skin with it. I worry it’s yet another product that can irritate my skin. As a result, I often find myself donning a wide-brimmed hat whenever I venture out. Recently, I discovered Kopari’s Antioxidant Face Shield Mineral SPF 30, which protected my skin in more ways than one. The clean formulation was gentle and features skin-nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and a host of antioxidants including raspberry seed oil and rice bran extract. The non-nano mineral zinc shielded my skin from both UVA and UVB rays. I can’t stand sunscreens that feel greasy, and this lightweight one felt anything but. It’s fragrance-free, which is ideal for my sensitive skin. The fact that it is vegan and cruelty-free made me love it all the more. 

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