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Sunlighten and Hologenix Team Up to Enhance Sauna Experience With a Line of Accessories

As the popularity of infrared saunas continues to grow, Sunlighten, a global leader in the field, and Hologenix, the creators of CELLIANT infrared-responsive textiles found in performance, recovery, and sleepwear brands, have partnered to introduce a luxury line of cotton accessories infused with CELLIANT to boost the benefits of infrared. The Sauna Linen Collection, which features the dual-purpose fabric, is made up a cotton hand towel, a bath towel, a robe, and a body wrap, all of which can be used in the sauna to help amplify the benefits of infrared or in everyday life. The plush, densely woven fabric is designed to have a luxe-like feel.

CELLIANT’s natural and ethically sourced minerals are embedded into yarns that transform body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and return it to the body for a host of benefits, such as improved heart health, circulation, detoxification, immunity, and muscle recovery. CELLIANT promotes local circulation and cell oxygenation in healthy individuals. It also keeps the user dry and at the ideal temperature, resulting in stronger performance, faster recovery, and better sleep. 

“There are so many reasons we are excited about this partnership with the creators of CELLIANT,” says Aaron Zack, Sunlighten co-founder and CEO. “Like Sunlighten, they’re a company committed to infrared science and ensuring its claims are backed by rigorous testing. CELLIANT is tested and proven through nine peer-reviewed, published studies. The FDA has also determined that CELLIANT products are medical devices. We’re proud to partner with another infrared industry leader like Hologenix, who, with us, is helping the world understand the value of infrared to health and wellbeing.”

In addition to the Sauna Linen Collection, the companies also collaborated on CELLIANT-infused covers for Sunlighten’s infrared heaters. They are now being utilized in all of the company’s sauna cabins to maximize the available infrared. Sunlighten is the only sauna company to offer branded accessories. Sauna cushion covers, sauna throw pillows, and Solo System SoloPad covers will also soon be available.

“This is a natural partnership for us,” says Seth Casden, Hologenix co-founder and CEO. “Sunlighten infrared saunas and our CELLIANT infrared-performance technology work in tandem to maximize health and wellness. The CELLIANT/cotton blend fabric is also the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and our revolutionary infrared technology.”

Consumers will also appreciate the fact that the line was created with the environment and sustainability in mind. “We also love that CELLIANT’s creators are committed to environmental responsibility, and we’re proud to partner with a company so focused on being good citizens of our planet,” says Zack. “Their natural products are ethically sourced minerals from the earth. CELLIANT’s proprietary formula is manufactured in the U.S., and they work with their partners to create supply chains that minimize carbon footprint.”

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