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The Bungalows at Kenoza Hall Recently Debuted in the Catskills

New accommodations and wellness-related amenities create an idyllic summer getaway


Kenoza Hall (Kenoza Lake, NY), a charming 22-room lakefront hotel in the Catskills Mountains operated by Foster Supply Hospitality, recently introduced the Bungalows, 10 new luxury accommodations that provide their own sense of place, community, and energy.  

The Bungalows will feature their own exclusive “tummler,” an activity director available to book excursions, treatments at Hemlock Spa, special al fresco dinners in the fields, and more. Drawing on the Catskills’ rich history, the tummler is a position that is being resurrected from the 1950s when many resorts in the area offered full amenities, including food and entertainment. A tummler was traditionally a social director or entertainer who encouraged guests to participate in a range of activities.

The tummler will also offer guests special in-Bungalow dining menus, plein air painting, and coordinate activities and games during happy hour. After dark, Bungalow guests can gather around custom fire logs by local artist and woodcarver, Cima Bue. Crafty guests may also take advantage of craft kit selections, including needlepoint and flower press kits. 

“When guests stay in the Bungalows, we like to think that relaxation begins the moment they check-in,” says marketing manager Katerina Rioseco. “Exchanging their luggage for a welcome beverage, they are invited to meander up the path to their bungalow while our team drives their luggage up and unloads it for them. Further removed from the bustle and action of the Main Inn and much closer in proximity to our nature trails, the Bungalows have an almost dreamlike and peaceful atmosphere about them, inviting guests to step out and observe pollinators at work, listen to birdsong, or take an easy hike in the woods.”

The eight Bungalow Kings, one Two-Bedroom Bungalow, and Grand Lake Bungalow all feature a private porch and entry, a designated living room, en-suite bathrooms, soaking tubs, and gas-wood stoves. The Grand Lake Bungalow offers the largest footprint and most versatile layout for guests. In addition to a spacious king bedroom with a private entrance and porch, this suite includes a large separate multipurpose room. There is also a custom billiards table and bar area that can be converted into a meeting space. A parlor with a large sitting area and a gas-wood stove also gives the space more flexibility. The Grand Lake Bungalow also includes additional storage with a guest closet and powder room for when hosting larger parties.  

The accommodations come with complimentary local snacks, coffee, and assorted teas. A curated assortment of local beverages including Seminary Hill cider; craft beer from Upward Brewing Co., Catskill Brewery, and Roscoe Beer Company; and spirits by Catskill Provisions and Do Good Spirits. Additional exclusive offerings include caviar, cheese, and tea and dessert service. The Bungalows include all essential amenities, including a mini refrigerator, a water-filling station, and a tea kettle.  

Those staying in the Bungalows will have access to their large on-site fine-dining restaurant overlooking Kenoza Lake, as well as Hemlock Spa, a  pool, a hot tub, a sauna, and seasonal activities such as swimming, canoeing, fishing, and guided nature hikes in the warmer months and snowshoeing and ice fishing in the winter.  

“The Bungalows offer a more private experience for guests looking to truly disconnect and revel in the natural beauty of the Catskills,” says Rioseco. “Bungalow guests have exclusive access to private gardens, patios, and in-room spa treatment options. The special bath menu–also exclusive to guests staying in the Bungalows–offers five baths addressing specific needs such as boosting the immune system, relieving sore muscles, and improving sleep.”

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