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Douglas Drummond
Douglas Drummond

Douglas is the director of Esalen Healing Arts & Somatics at the legendary Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Some would say working at the birthplace of the Human Potential Movement where Maslow first presented his Hierarchy of Needs motivational theory of psychology…where Gestalt, Traeger, Rolfing treatment modalities, and even Five Rhythms Dance were first presented would be the pinnacle of a wellness career. Instead, Drummond uses his position as a vantage point for the expanding role of wellness in a world forever changed by 2020. Prior to his current role, Douglas spent 15 years in the hospitality industry working from the Caribbean to the Hawaii, holding management positions at properties ranging from Aman Resorts to the Soho House. Walking the talk of active wellness, he holds a senior red belt in Kung Fu/Tai Chi and enjoys free diving and surfing. 

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As we move toward the most evolved goal of Maslow’s hierarchy of.....