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Funk Roberts
Funk Roberts

Funk is the owner of Funk Roberts Fitness Inc., The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood, and Funk Supplements Inc. A former professional beach and indoor volleyball player turned certified personal trainer, he has created more than 100 fitness programs and workout videos. He is also a certified master metabolic trainer, a certified MMA conditioning coach (MMACA), a certified fitness nutrition coach, a core conditioning specialist, a Kettlebell training specialist, a pain-free performance specialist, and a mindset coach. With 20-plus years of experience, Funk has reached a global audience that includes professional UFC fighters and combat athletes in MMA and Muay Thai. A veteran in the world of fitness who has helped countless people obtain their fitness goals and lead healthier lifestyles, he offers practical and personalized solutions to fit individual’s fitness needs.

Beyond the age of 40, Funk struggled with having low testosterone and a slowing metabolism. After considerable research, he developed a training and lifestyle system, The Over 40 Alpha Workout and Nutrition Program, which has allowed him to naturally maintain his body, his health, and youthfulness. He is also the best-selling author of Over 40 Shred: The Ultimate 30-Day Fitness and Nutrition Guide for Men Over 40. A Toronto native, Funk currently lives with his wife, Angela, and has two adult sons, Cassian and Stefan.