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Ilana Alberico
Ilana Alberico

Ilana is the CEO of ISM Spa and Spa Space. She is an award-winning business visionary and serial entrepreneur. Her 20-plus years in the spa industry spans from folding towels in a spa locker room to the treatment room as a massage therapist to the boardrooms of leading developers, owners, and hotel companies as a spa operations partner. Today, she leads a dynamic collection of wellness companies, including boutique wellness design and spa management firm ISM Spa, luxury skincare line Privai, and Spa Space Chicago, a successful urban day spa. As CEO of ISM Spa, Ilana oversees a team of hundreds, operating 20 full-service luxury spas across the U.S. ISM-managed signature spa brands conceptualized by her and her team include Poseidon Spa for the Kessler Collection, Privai Wellness & Spa at Renaissance® Orlando at SeaWorld, and her newest concept R+R Wellness at Grand Hyatt Nashville.

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