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Julie M. Barlow

Julie is the founder of JMB Living (both an acronym for Joyful, Mindful, and Balanced Living as well as Julie’s initials). As a yoga teacher and personal coach, she had a strong desire to more broadly share tools that had helped her and others find happiness and success. This led her to create the JMB Living Journal, a unique planner, journal, magazine, and life coach combination that inspires and empowers women to reach for their dreams by using daily tools of mindfulness, gratitude, intention setting, affirmations, and more. She uses the platform of the journal to also highlight other female entrepreneurs as she shares their stories and inspiration. She loves to travel and is co-founder of Travel to Transform International, which offers mindfully crafted travel retreats for adventurous souls. When she’s not creating a workshop or new content for the next issue of the journal, you can find her biking to the farmer’s market, paddling across a lake, or meandering down a trail. For more info, visit or follow her at @jmbliving on Instagram.

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