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Dr. Kenneth Zweig
Kenneth Zweig, M.D.

Dr. Zweig is an internist at Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates (NVFP), a family medicine practice providing full-service concierge health care in the Northern Virginia area. . As part of NVFP’s team of skilled physicians, Dr. Zweig provides personalized preventative care that caters to individual patient needs. He specializes in sleeping disorders, hypertension, and the importance of behavioral changes to support overall health. Dr. Zweig is an assistant professor at both Georgetown and George Washington University Medical Schools. Prior to joining NVFP, Dr. Zweig served 15 years at General Medicine Internal Group, P.C. in Arlington, and was on the board for the HealthConnect Accountable Care Organization. He volunteered with the Virginia Hospital Center Honduras Medical Brigade to provide healthcare to remote villages in Honduras.

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