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Kenzie Vath is a fair skinned blonde woman with glasses, wearing a black turtle neck and clear glasses smiling at the camera.
Kenzie Vath

Kenzie Vath has a passion for a full plate and enjoys innovating new ideas to disrupt the status quo. She’s the founder of Holistic Umbrella, a digital platform focused on wellness lifestyle with an emphasis on giving hope to the Lyme community. Her personal battle with Lyme Disease led her to get self-educated in Holistic Medicine, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors from Purdue University and receive her coaching certification from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She works full time as the VP of Strategic Innovation for Pacific Hospitality Group, a family-owned hospitality management company, overseeing CapEx development, spa, retail, wellness and sustainability. With a passion for philanthropy, she also serves on the board of the Global Lyme Alliance and is the president of Impact 100’s Orange County chapter. A three-time published author, most recently Kenzie wrote “The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme disease” which chronicles the stories of more than a dozen Lyme patients around the globe.

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