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Women Dish on Makeup, Beauty, and Their Impact on Empowerment and Confidence

A new survey from Grande Cosmetics reveals interesting results about cosmetics and self-confidence.


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Most women believe they don’t need to wear makeup to feel confident—instead, it’s all about embracing their natural beauty. A recent survey of 2,000 American women examined their relationship with beauty and found that 82 percent would describe themselves as a confident person.

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Three in four respondents said that their confident attitude transpires into positive interactions with others when they look good. The same percentage of women agree they could take on anything when they feel confident.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Grande Cosmetics for their #BigLashEnergy campaign, the survey found 75 percent of women said they feel more empowered to step outside of their comfort zone and accomplish new things when they feel secure about their physical appearance. In fact, nearly two in five (38 percent) women polled said getting their makeup done gives them the confidence boost they’re looking for. For those with a beauty routine (58 percent), an overwhelming nine in 10 said their regimens are key to boosting their confidence.

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According to the survey, the eyes are a vital part of enhancing the face, with respondents saying they’re most likely to highlight their eyes (33 percent), eyelashes (28 percent), or eyebrows (27 percent) when doing their makeup. Seven in 10 said their eyelashes are important to their overall look (71 percent). Two in three said having naturally longer-looking eyelashes would make them feel more confident not to wear makeup every day.

Despite their confidence levels, three-quarters of women surveyed are yearning for more, agreeing they want to feel more secure in their own skin but saying they don’t know where to start.

While women love their eyes (37 percent), skin (31 percent), and lips (30 percent), many admitted there are some features they hope they could naturally enhance, citing they’d like to improve their eyelashes (29 percent) and eyebrows (28 percent). “Your eyes are the focal point of your face, and your lashes help to amplify the beauty of your eyes,” says Grande Cosmetics CEO and founder Alicia Grande. “As shown from these survey results, people feel their eyes are a key feature that they tend to highlight with makeup. I started Grande Cosmetics so that everyone can have the ability to easily enhance their own natural beauty, such as their eyelashes.”

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Mascara (30 percent) is the top makeup item women said they wouldn’t leave home without wearing, followed by foundation and lipstick (27 percent each). Although 65 percent of respondents claim they lose confidence when they wipe off their makeup, four in five are more interested in enhancing their natural beauty over temporary fixes. Still, more than half of the women polled feel pressure to look a certain way from outside influences (57 percent) like social media (56 percent), movies or TV shows (55 percent), or celebrities/models (51 percent).

On a more positive note, two-thirds of women love how they look, regardless of what other people think (67 percent). “The survey results show that women are feeling more confident than ever by showcasing their natural beauty and being their most authentic self,” says Grande. “The goal of our #BigLashEnergy campaign is to empower people in their journey of self-love and share how that makes them feel with others. True confidence is about how you feel when you wake up in the morning—ready to take on the day without makeup and embracing your natural beauty.”

American Women’s Favorite Facial Features

  • Eyes (37 percent)
  • Skin (31 percent)
  • Lips (30 percent)
  • Eyelashes (27 percent)
  • Eyebrows (26 percent)
  • Nose (24 percent)
  • Cheekbones (23 percent)
  • Freckles/beauty marks (20 percent)

Top Features Women Emphasize When Wearing Makeup  

  • Eyes (33 percent)
  • Eyelashes (28 percent)
  • Eyebrows (27 percent)
  • Lips (26 percent)
  • Skin (26 percent)
  • Nose (24 percent)
  • Cheekbones (23 percent)
  • Freckles/beauty marks (21 percent)
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