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3 Tips for Improving Your Vibration

Erika Polsinelli meditates to raise her vibration.

To be our best selves, it takes a conscious effort. Part of that involves raising our vibration, as having a higher frequency is often associated with enlightenment, peace, love, and having a sense of purpose. “There are many ways to raise your vibration,” says Erika Polsinelli, founder of Evolve by Erika. “Everything has a vibrational frequency.” This is also true of emotions. At the top of the spectrum is enlightenment, peace, and joy. Shame and guilt, found at the bottom of the spectrum, possess much lower vibrational frequencies. “There is a scale of emotions,” says Polsinelli. “As you work your way up the scale towards love and gratitude, you feel better and are able to attract more positive experiences into your life. When you are on a higher vibration, you are able to manifest and attract more of what you want to see in your life.” Here, she shares three simple ways for you to boost your vibrational energy:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The food you eat is a direct reflection of your vibrational frequency. Consuming more fruits and vegetables provides your body with life force energy, which helps to raise your vibration. Eating meat and other processed foods, however, can have the opposite effect by lowering your body’s vibration.

2. Incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. Because essential oils possess a vibrational frequency, you can tap into that energy by wearing them, diffusing them in your house, or meditating with them. Oils have their own specific vibration frequency. Although any oil will help you raise your vibration, some possess a higher frequency than others. Consider choosing rose oil, as its frequency is measured at 320hz, or Idaho blue spruce, which has an elevated frequency of 580hz.

3. Meditate or practice breathwork. “When we are doing breathwork or meditation, we are taking in life force energy through breath,” says Polsinelli. “So, it’s not just oxygen we are breathing in. It is prana or life force, the electricity that charges up our system.” Breathwork helps you to clear the stress, trauma, and any emotions from the past that are getting in the way of you tapping into your higher self. “Through the breath, we are able to heal physical and emotional blocks,” says Polsinelli. “By doing this, we are releasing emotions or stress that we have been holding onto and creating space for more happiness, more peace, more vitality.”

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